Is it okay to lie sometimes out of desperation?

Honest answers please.

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If someone will ask me this question, for sure my answer will be "No" but experiencing it yourself is another issue.


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  • Only 2 times are okay to lie. One is out of real kindness and the other is to save someone you love.
    In case you dont understand - kindness: an old man turned to me once. He was sitting with his wife holding hands. They were in their mid eighties and he said, "Isn't she beautiful?" there - you lie. "Yes" is the only answer.
    Saving someone you love - someone with a gun comes looking for your son and asks, "is he here" the answer is "No"
    Other than that it is the wrong road to travel. You can be honest and kind and do the right thing. It is better


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  • No, but for you, yes.

  • I am such a bad liar it wouldn't be worth my while doing it I would caught out straught away

  • its never a good thing to lie but it can be understandable and always forgivable

  • Lets say you knew the launch codes for half of the US's nukes, you're getting tortured badly and they want those codes. Well of course you tell the truth, because lying is always wrong and no matter how desperate you are, you'll just have to let them destroy the planet...


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