Why are a lot of Atheists ignorant and intolerant?

Notice how I used "a lot of" and not "all". So to those of you who think I'm addressing all Atheists, I'm not.

A lot of Atheists are very intolerant towards people of faith.
They group all religions together. They think all religions are Christianity or are similar to it.
They hardly do any research into the religions they say are " a load of BS". And the judge everyone based on the actions of a few.

Many of these Atheists are close minded, ignorant and egotistical.
They assume all people of faith are the same and do not appreciate diversity.

They also tend to misquote or decontextualise religious scripture and believe their "interpretation" is the right one.
They also believe the actions of a country's government or a terrorist group dictate what is acceptable acording to the religions they apparently follow.

Why are a lot of Atheists like this.


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  • Because religious scripture is just stuff that people wrote down ages ago. It's difficult to respect religions when in reality, people tend to believe in specific religions mostly because their parents and their peers are also followers of said religion, and otherwise would be disowned or maybe even stoned to death.


    I know some religious people. They're nice people. Some even use their "faith" as a means of inspiration, a driving force to be better people.

    But the churches themselves are just out there preying for those who need emotional guidance to get their donations and essentially manipulate them into letting their money be stolen from them. My wages are $800 per month, minimal wage is about $400, and the church makes you pay $600 for a goddamn funeral. They're clearly in it for the tax exemptions and the free cash. What's respectworthy about that?

    The most common mainstream religions (Islam, Christianity) were designed to indoctrinate people initially to make them obey the laws, then this was altered to get their money, or validate things like stoning people to death; "because the messenger of God said so". What's respectworthy about that?

    So while I have nothing wrong with "religious people", I think it's actually disturbing how gleefully they give up their individuality and let the churches and their peers control them through the words of ancient books. I think religions were designed to control people, and it's just difficult to see that people give up control over themselves, and lend their ENTIRE LIVES to organizations that just want their money.

    • Ok I understand what you're saying but what you're going is taking certain situations like disowning or stong your child and inflating it. Or churches manipulating people, true these things do happen but again it's unfair to pair everyone with the same brush. Many people of faith disassociate with that behavior. It's unfair to blame even the religion from it.

      The parents and peers merely introduce the idea of religion. My parents introduced it to me but I though for myself and desires what I believe. Don't assume people just blindly follow, because people can think for themselves. Yes some people are force to believe, but truthfully speaking no one can force you to believe anything. And that forcing of any belief, not just religious should be corrected.

      I disagree with the founders of religion indoctrinating people, and to them wanting money.
      That certainly isn't true for my religion and many others aswell.

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    • "Routine Infant Circumcision" is its name.

      It has infant in it.

      The most common religions do have an afterlife, by which we mean Christianity, Islam, Buddhism.
      I mean, you could talk about Scientology and La Veyan Satanism and even Jainism, but are they relevant? Will that change ANYTHING about Islam, or Christianity? No

      No point in trying to protect Islam by saying "not all religions have an afterlife", when the driving force of Islam is that you won't suffer in the afterlife. The whole point is making people be afraid of the deity so that they'll do as the religion says.

    • Why would a man suffer years of anguish, torture, starvation and poverty for a meaningless cause?
      Why decline an offer to be king or the richest man in Arabia?
      I'm talking about Muhammad of course.

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  • I think it's because a lot of atheists have been indoctrinated into religion and forced to adhere to all the principles/scriptures that come with it by their family and they're tired of it. Although, I think it's stupid to be so close minded and uppity about something so complex. I'm not religious nor am I particularly a fan of it but I have a religious friends and they're all cool people.

  • I've noticed this too, and I'm an atheist.

    It's one of the reasons I don't like saying I'm an atheist to anyone I know in RL, because they automatically think I'm that way too and it just gets tiring. o_e

    • I usually go as agnostic in that way. Instead of sounding like I'm denouncing everything everyone else believes, it says more that I don't make assumptions about that which cannot be proven.

    • @OpenClose nowadays I just tend to go with "irreligious", because that describes me accurately.

  • I replaced the word atheist with theist.. and it made much more sense.

    • I suppose if you tweek some sentences, there are theists that are are ignorant, the thing is we're not hiding the fact that there are.
      Also why would theists purposely make fun of their own religion and de contextualize their own scripture, that certainly doesn't make sense.

    • Where did you say making fun of their religion? Decontextualize is known as cherrypicking and choosing what's literal and what's metaphorical.

    • De contextualizing to mock.

  • I've noticed this too. My brother is an atheist and I'm not and every time I do something related to my religion or beliefs, he feels the need to comment on it or say something like "why would you do that, are you stupid, God doesn't exist." And I feel like I can't even breath when he is around. It's not just him though, I've noticed this with others too but thankfully not all atheists are like this

    • But they're usually right. It's not wrong to correct someone.

    • Unity76- I don't appreciate being called stupid because I have different beliefs but it happens. Please if you're gonna be bringing your atheist lifestyle into the convo then walk away, just as I haven't shoved my religion down your throat

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  • I mean, from an outside perspective, basically all religions CAN be grouped together as general belief in the supernatural.

    To me, there are two kinds of atheists.

    -The first type are the ones too thick to really absorb the unknown and the mysteries of the universe. "It ain't there, you idiot. You can't see it anywhere."

    You talk about aliens, they call you crazy. You talk about wave-particle duality, "you're just making shit up". You talk about relativity, and they respond with "dammit, time doesn't change. Speed doesn't change. Space doesn't change. You're all idiots."

    -The second type are the ones too familiar with what we know and don't know to restrict themselves to religion. I like to think I fall under this category.

    For instance, I believe higher forms of intelligence may be possible. Intelligence only needs to come from interactions. Whether those interactions be synapses, binary data, or perhaps interference between entangled particles, or interactions between gravity fields, the relationships between these interactions are what matter.

    However, I find every depiction of a deity or deities to be very limited. They hold a humanoid mindset based on humanoid actions and senses.

    We like to think we escaped our animalistic tendencies through religion, but to a being so far beyond nature as to create the universe, we never even left, nor would it be demanded of us to "renounce premarital sex" or "remove excess penile flesh".

    Almost all of things religions discuss are simply people using mythology to try to create a culturally-relative sense of morality. The gods described are more related to relationships in sociology, or forces of nature. You could call these interactions intelligent, sure. But that certainly wouldn't be the same intelligence that created the planet, much less the universe.

    As an agnostic, I make no assumptions outside of what we can observe. I find it fundamentally immoral to impose on others' freedoms on the basis of something we don't know or can't prove. Thus, the separation of church and state. No law should allow or restrict certain behaviors on the basis of religion alone, which is why the lack of gay marriage rights was abhorrent.

    I also oppose "In God We Trust" and "One Nation, Under God", because by speaking on one religion, or type of religion (monotheism), you establish other viewpoints as secondary or non-official.

  • Why are so many people of faith ignorant and intolerant? Notice I said "so man" and not "all".

    A lot of POF (people of faith) are very intolerant towards atheists. And they ignore all other religions and believe their "brand" is the only correct one. They hardly do any research into the religions they say are "BS". And they judge everyone based on the actions of a few.

    Many of these POF are close minded, ignorant, and egotistical they assume all atheists are the same and do not appreciate diversity.

    They also tend to misquote or decontextualise religious scripture and believe their "interpretation" is the right one.

    Why are a lot of people of faith like this?

    Did that sound remotely familiar? Every point you made against atheists can also be made against people of faith. So since you are a person of faith (supposedly), I ask you, "Why are so many people of faith ignorant and intolerant?"

    • That's a good question! Not every point because you did change she wording quite a bit.
      I agree there are a lot of ignorant POF but like you and I both said not all.
      Ignorance comes down to lack of knowledge or information, you the ignorant POF lack information.
      Why don't the lack of information?
      That's another good question!

      Now what's wrong with ignoring others and having a belief? So long as your aren't hurting anyone I see no problem with that, and they can't hurt anyone because they're ignoring them.

      Said POF are really making everyone look bad, I think we should educate these people so they can leave their ignorant and intolerant ways!

  • I'd guess they disagree with the entire process of, according to them, believing stories made up by normal people that turn into tools used by power-hungry leaders to create a loyal following. It's common enough to bundle events in human history into an illustration of how things work. Furthermore, the idea of faith, believing something unconditionally as a sort of moral value, is frustrating to a lot of Atheists. And with frustration is the illusion that further research is pointless. I just choose not to be part of those arguments.

  • Who knows I just ignore them, the only time I ever get pissed off at em or do anything is when they take things to far and cross the line, or they are one of the few atheists that would go so far as to kill religious people.

    The best course of action is to simply avoid them or ignore their comments.

  • A lot of them enjoy the feeling of being superior than someone else. Contrary to what you commented on their ignorance, they tend to know more about religion than the average religious person. Knowing more, causes one to have a greater sense of pride. In general, people who know more tend to me proud bastards. Not just atheists.

    • Some may know more about religions in general because they don't have to focus on one however they usually only know a brief summary of the Religion, and can not hold strong in an argument.
      Most of the ones I talkt to know hardly anything about the Religion they attack. Wiki and media based information.

    • A lot of them just recycle arguments they've seen over the web.
      Most atheists in Western countries have a considerable knowledge of Christianity. But not much of anything else.

    • Usually they stick around long enough to find at what point things get ridiculous.

      Once you are being stoned for non-virginity, or told that woman was created to be subservient to man, you really have no reason to dig deeper as anything more than mythology. That religion is already breaking your secular morality, which starts to render it irrelevant.

  • I am agnostic and I respect everybodies' belief system. Live and let live.

  • I am an atheist and I hate atheists that can't give me a good reason for why they are atheists. I hate ignorant people in general, I can understand you very well, but the problem is not just atheists, tons of religious people are just as ignorant and misinformed, which makes it incredibly hard to have a debate of any kind.

    • I agree. I think it best to have a discussion with a known intellectual. For example if you want to find out more or question a religion, ask a noted scholar and not abdi3656 in the YouTube comments!

  • Same reason why a lot of theists are ignorant and intolerant.

    • I agree that there are ignorant and intolerant theists but I doubt its because of the same reason.

    • Generally it is. People don't like it when others disagree with them, so they get all arrogant about it :O

    • I suppose.

  • I don't know, I guess it is because they want to justify their of beliefs. You know like a bully that feel better after putting others down?

  • A lot of people I know are atheists. When I asked the reason most of it wasn't true at all. In my country we learn world religions in school. I guess they don't teach that in the US