Do you Gain anything from eating Black Rice?

Black rice is good. i cook it fully but still. .. Every time i eat it. When i go the bathroom. .. its all came out exactly as it went in.

Do you gain the calories and nutrients?

It looks as though you extracted nothing


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  • LOL... omg do u mean yer poop's black rice-shaped? Never seen dat. And yeah u still get sth i believe... nutrients r mentioned outside box don't they?

    • Yeah the nutrients are in the packet but it makes me wonder if your body absorbed anything if your poop looks exactly the same as when it was in your plate.

      A lot of people have the same thing with corn

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    • Oh maybe. I assumed they'd be inside. But what about calories if I'm trying to gain

    • guess u'll realise it if u eat black rice often, yet u lose weight

  • I assume something was extracted and absorbed on the way through. I just looks similar on way out.

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