What's wrong with me?

I like this guy friend and we made out a couple of times.. When we don't talk or when he doesn't text me I think about him a lot, I even wish he's beside me, but when we talk or text or see each other I feel normal, I don't have feelings for him then.. A week ago I thought that I really want to be with him, that I would do anything just to make it happen, but then I saw him and we talked and that feelings faded away.. Is there something wrong with me, or this is normal?


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  • I think you are more into having a boyfriend than him personally

    • Not really, because in that case I would consider every guy I meet a potentional boyfriend, which I don't.. Only person I can see myself with is him, but sometimes (it happened like 5 times so far) I feel nothing when he's around and I find that strange.. And I don't know why that happens..

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    • I'm not feeling that way all the time, it happened like 5 times so far and I really like him for a year now, like I said.. But thank you :)

    • Hope it works out for you - Thanks for sharing, had me scratching my head a bit though LoL

  • U r just trying to make a connection with him.. Ur mind is. Its ok to feel bad in someones absence and miss them. He must be fun

    • I thought it's a bit weird to feel something when we don't talk and then when we do, that feeling disappears..

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    • Dont u feel like... holding his hands through all difficulties and hug him when u r sad... If yes then.. . Its just not friendship u have :)

    • Yes I feel like that, just yesterday when I was at the party and he wasn't there I missed him and I was so bored.. And obviously if we hooked up a couple of times we're more than just friends.. :)

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