Does anyone else find it hard to read?

When someone writes a entire paragraph without using any form of punctuation? Haha I tried but didn't get far huh it's not as easy as it looks not even a double gap to show it could be a next sentence I find it very difficult to read even more so when I'm having a cup of coffee while reading I almost chocked just now reading the likes of one surely if you went to school to learn to read and write they taught you how to use punctuation correctly



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  • I went on a tirade about this issue two or three months ago. I agree. I don't need oceans of irrelevant drama - just ask the question providing basic facts and if we need more, then we will ask.

  • You should read James Joyce "Ullysses" - No punctuation in whole book and he is considered a great writer by some personally I think it is BS.

  • I didn't finish reading this... I got annoyed.

    • Thank you. Do you know how hard it was to write it! Maybe I should find that question about what annoys me. 😉

    • I guess it's because we imagine ourselves saying it in a single breath. By the way, what did it say?

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