I've met girl it was so fast... what this mean?

Yeah I was little drunk, just little on festival. I approached girl and just talked to her just for a little and she was little shy because there were also parents and friends somewhere...

So we talked for little and she said add me on facebook, she writed down a message name and surname to my cellphone. Because I couldn't hear.

Plus she was constantly checking me. I even asked my friend, look if she's checking me and he said yeah she is 100%

What that mean?

+ I've added her on facebook... (i hate facebook) i should ask for number right?

She didn't accepted me yet...


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  • Why would that be mean? I don't get it, she gave you her fb and she was checking you out I assume, so that's good right?

    Where is the mean part?

    • What do you think with mean? I asked what that means? :)

    • Oh haha my bad! I think it means she is into you.

    • She accepted me, what now? When, what to text? Just looking for some inspiration.

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  • She's into you.

  • What does 'checking me' mean?
    Stop overthinking it man
    If you like her ask for her number, or talk to her on Facebook

    • nah I'm not overthinking, I've had one really bad experience with girl (we were almost together when she said something to me...) now I'm different. I don't really care, I'm just looking for some experience better to ask sometimes :)

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    • yeah she gave me I didn't even said so what's your facebook. She just said like add me on facebook and I said like but what's your surename? I couldn't hear... so she wrote down (which I gave on my phone)

    • She accepted me, what now? When, what to text? I don't want to look to pushy

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  • I think she might like you - Ask for her number

  • Try not to be so eager.

    She might think you're desperate.

    Play it smooth, adapt to the situation.

    And ultimately slay the poon, if possible.

    Goodluck, bro.

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