As a foreigner, is studying Law in the US a good idea?

I heard that I won't get a permit to practice law in the US because there are so many unemployed lawyers already. I am not even an English native speaker. So if it's not a good prospect, I would just take it as a hobby.

I am also thinking about Criminal Justice, Acting. My dream jobs are to be an actor, a police, or working for CIA.


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  • People say you shouldn't bother going to law school unless you can get into a top law school like Yale or Harvard as you won't be able to find a high paying job otherwise unless you are brilliant intellectually.

    • How to get into those top law schools?

    • By either being a genius (10-20%) or having very, very rich parents (80-90%)

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  • Hmmmm I don't get it. You want to study law in the US but won't be able to work in that field?

    Makes no sense.

    • Whether I will be able or not is what I am asking actually.

    • Learning gets significantly more difficult after the age of 25, I'd hurry up if I were you.

      I think being a lawyer is overrated and yes - difficult to find a job with...
      But I'm not from the US - that's just what I hear.

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  • True there are underemployed lawyers everywhere here. Many of them get elected to government where they make laws that will help assure full employment for other lawyers (snark intended). That said, if you graduate law school your chances of being licenced are as good as anyone elses in your class.

    Going to law school here will get you into debt which will not be easy to pay off as an actor (many wannabe actors are waiting tables) or policeman (starting salary at $35K) or entry level at the CIA ($40K).

    • I don't mind to start small. But I have to get the VISA and job first. The question is how can I enter CIA? I see that Hollywood is short of good Asian-looking actors.

    • Most people from overseas study here on a student visa. I don't believe you'd be allowed to work. When you wish to practice law your law firm would have to assert that they need you because there are no US citizens who could provide the same expertise as you. That would get you a green card or permanent visa. Or you could end up marrying a US citizen and that would give you a permanent visa.