How do you get to know a girl as a person?

I know this seems like a stupid question. Every person shares 99.9% of their DNA. There are 3.5 billion girls in the world. Other than... Where do you work? School? Age? Past life experience? Future plans?

How do you get to know them?


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  • Ask them those questions.
    Like first you start of: (y = you, g = girl)
    y: Hey, how are you?
    g: Hi, im fine and you?
    y: me too. [What did you do last weekend/today/yesterday/what are you gonna do next weekend/tell her something what happened to you (share a story or experience)/ ask her a question]
    g: [girl replies to your question/statement]
    y: [you reply to that]
    g: [she replies]

    And voila, you have a conversation!

    Example (this is only and example, do not copy this in real lol, make this up yourself while in the conversation. The conversation has to flow, focus on what she is saying, and NOT on what you're gonna say next) :
    y: hi, did you have a nice weekend?
    g: hey, yes i did, you too?
    y: oh hell yes, i went to the local theme park, it was awesome.
    g: ah nice, I like that theme park too! (<--- you know something about her: she likes theme parks)
    y: yes i understand, who doesn't love it? I went in the big rollercoaster once, but after that I decided not to do it anymore, cuz i was kinda afraid haha (<--- showing vulnerability, showing that you're open, so now she should open herself a little bit too)
    g: oh yes i understand haha, i've never been in that one, way too scary for me.
    y: so you're a kind of a girl who doesn't like a bit of adventureness, who prefers to stay safe instead of taking a little 'risk'? (<--- teasing (A. K. A. flirting), say this with a smile on your face, like you dont mean what you just said)
    g: I do like adventureness! I went to.. etc. etc. etc. conversation goes on :)

    I hope this helped :)

    • It's shocking how some people still don't know how to do this! Very well explained haha.

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    • Really? Well, better late than never :D It can be difficult, especially if the other person is not putting any effort in it. I can be shy too so I understand.

    • @BarbaraP Yes indeed, sometimes i feel like the other person isn't putting effort in it. But I dont know how I can make that person feel more interested towards me? Any tips?

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  • Plenty of questions about her life