Does anyone have any weird eating habits?

I eat the shells off of jelly beans, the white part on the inside of orange peels, and here comes the weird one: I crush up plain salted tortilla chips and mix them with hot water to make a kind of porridge, which actually tastes amazing (don't judge me)


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  • If I'm eating sweets, I have to have different textures so you'll see my eating chips, donuts, hard/soft candy, at once.

    I eat white rice, but if it's breakfast or before 1100 I eat it with sugar and butter. If it's for lunch/dinner, I only eat it with salt, pepper, gravy (if any), and butter if necessary. I only eat it those two ways and at particular times of the day.

    When eating pringles, I lick the top and usually stuff the whole chip in.

    When eat eating smarties, I either try and scrap it off with my bottom teeth or shove it in the way back and chew there.

    When eating sunflower seeds, I literally have a system: Stick in mouth, suckle for a few seconds, and I can't explain how I awkwardly bite it very good but I put the shell in right side up, press down a little, and get the shell off. Then use my teeth to rip it off an eat the seed.

    When eating those puffy cheetos, I usually suck on the chip till it's flatter, then chew.

    When eating a cup of noodles, I lick my right finger, rub it across the top (the seasoning basically), lick that, and then cook it and it must be cooked at 3min 30sec.

    And my super weird sandwich formation just gets people, even my family:
    Ham and cheese: White bread, miracle whip, mustard.
    Hamburgers: Wheat bread, regular mayo, ketchup if there's no mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese
    Grilled cheese: Wheat bread and shit ton of butter
    PB an J: White bread and it must be smuckers jelly an crunchy peanut butter
    Chicken sandwhich: White bread, mayo AND miracle whip, little bit of ketchup, lettuce depending on mood
    Roast beef an cheese: White bread, mayo, mustard
    Roast beef, ham, and cheese: White bread, mayo an miracle whip, mustard

    • Well you sound like an absolute pain in the arse, lol. But I can't really talk, I have many other strange and picky habits that I haven't even listed.

    • I am a pain to be honest. My mom hates going shopping with me.

      Another one I forgot to add, which really pisses everyone off, is how I eat breakfast cereal. Normally it's regular milk, but whenever I eat frosted flakes, its soy milk. And I always have cereal first, then milk, then eat about three bowls every time.

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  • I have to turn my burger in a circle 3 times before each bite lol.

  • Well, sometimes I eat raw potatoes with the skin still on them. Yeah... That's a bad habit, even though I don't do it much anymore.

  • I peel my grapes when I eat ten. And I have a variation of about 5 different ways I eat M&MS

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