Should Homeland Security ever be imposed on any law-abiding citizen (of any country) by the government?

There were a lot of rumors about how the US government have been sticking their nose into all of the law-abiding citizens' businesses since 9/11. I've also ran into a few trolls on Yahoo Answers believing that anyone who says any anti-religion, anti-female, anti-male or a racist, should be legally tracked down by the US Homeland Security just for excercising their freedom of speech.

Should Homeland Security ever be imposed on any law-abiding citizen (of any country) by the government?

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  • ... and this crap right here is why USA LOST the war on terror.

    Before 9/11 you didn't have much of this NSA or homeland scurty problem, nor were every airport secured like one could mistake it for fort knox or something.
    Then 9/11 happened, and suddenly EVERYONE is being watched, because "war on terror" and "protecting the citicens by spotting terrorists before they strike". And it has turned the peopel against the leaders.
    1-0 to the terrorists.
    They WANTED to make you live in fear, like you seemingly do. Thier goal was to fuck shit up, not take over USA. And they did indeed fuck shit up, then the fear caused by it made everyone make everything worse.

    Just saying...


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  • No, but I can see where they're coming from if people start talking about murder and revenge. Etc. Its hard to sort the blowhards from the actual killers. But are that many people who commit mass murder and terrorism apprehended with all this surveillance? It doesn't seem so.

    • But that's stupid though. Just because I said something Anti-Religion, racist or anything hateful, doesn't give the government the right to track me down for exercising my constitutional rights.

    • I agree. There's a difference between saying something offensive and saying "I wanna kill all (racial/religious/gender slur)".

      A lot of recent killers have had pretty lengthy online activity saying stuff like that. But what're the stats on how many people talk about killing vs actually doing it, I don't know.

What Guys Said 2

  • Dilemma, Dilemma, Dilemma - If a terrorist attack prevented success - You have had a bad day and a tax bill came in the mail, you go on the net I hate the tax man, red flags everywhere, fail.
    There is a phrase from roman history "Who guards the guardians?", that comes to mind here but at the moment I would rather live in a safe world than a risky world left open by privacy obligations

  • I dont see the point considering the cia were following the 9/11 hijackers every move in the usa. From the planning rightbup until they got on the planes. The bush admin knew what alqueda were planning and chose to do nothing about because it suited their political ambitions. Homeland security and every other federal body is hard at work trying to disarm law bidding American citizens and that goes to far.

    • So in short words, 9/11 was just an excuse for President Bush to invade US citizen's personal lives and freedoms?

    • That was a benifit. But it was an excuse for a lot war profiteering by some george bush's pals.

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