Agree or disagree: Aspergers is like cancer?

Aspergers used to plague my life, now it is just an obstacle with some days worse than others.

Relationships are near impossible to form. Knowing what to say, how to pick up vibes, and how to overall interact with people is incredibly difficult and a challenge every confrontation of the day. Plus, social anxiety seems to go hand in hand with Aspergers. Worried about saying the wrong things or doing something stupid.

My Aspergers is much better than most peoples which that is a blessing in itself, but it is still a challenge. I never had an actual girlfriend. I did FINALLY lose my virginity at age 20 to another virgin which was critical, but it took a lot of sweat, tears, and agony in the process which was almost to the point of having to sell my soul to get that. A lot of near death experiences, me going in and out of hospitals after overdosing, having to drink down charcoal and throw it back up to absorb the meds I OD'd on, and spending some time in the ICU.

When people can just get sex and attract a girl and get dates like it was a snap of the fingers. I had to be almost like Jesus Christ and walk on water before I ever got a girl.


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  • You compare Aspergers to cancer? That's very stupid. Cancer kills you, Aspergers doesn't.

    I have aspergers and my life is damn good. Well, maybe because my case isn't as bad as others like you said for yourself... I have had no problems with my love-life, as I've had two girlfriends before. You just got to get used to handling intimacy. Social anxiety yes, that used to be a problem for me, I had difficulty making new friends and approaching people for the first time. But after some time of getting used to with certain people, you begin to feel more comfortable.

    I agree, having aspergers makes life difficult. But don't ever compare that with a fatal disease. If you think about it, you could have been born with something MUCH worse.

    • So I am assuming you were not a virgin till the age of 20?

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    • Aspergers won't stop you from finding a serious relationship, trust me. I completely understand it's difficult to find a relationship while having aspergers as I have it. But it's certainly not impossible. This sort of stuff does take time and patience for everyone. Just carry on meeting new people and try your best to practice on social skills as well.

    • dude you are right, I just broke down in tears , the anxiety is hard to control, my life has literally been womenless, and few friends, it has been hell, and I am angry as hell. But you should consider yourself incredibly lucky you have been diagnosed at 22, you are still young, you can receive therapy and improve, I was never diagnosed until 31, and everyday all I do Is thinking how and when I am gonna commit suicide because, what would have been the best days of my life never happened. those are years I will never get back

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  • Nope, it is not.

  • It is nothing like cancer!!! I have Asperger and although it took A lot of compensating and learning social skills I love my life now more then I would without it. I am actually a teacher and teach kids with level 3 autism, i hav had two past boyfriend and now I have my amazing soulmate. I have a lot o friends. But one thing that has helped me is accepting my divisibility and making it my strgths

    • When did you get your first bf?

    • Aspergers has been worse than a cancer, it robbed me completely of what could have been a good life, and that is exactly the problem, I was never diagnosed until I was 31. Its far too late, my parents never took me to a mental specialist all my youth. I am sure with intensive therapy, my life would have been different. I think of committing suicide in the next few years.

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  • ask how many cancer patients would rather have aspergers instead of cancer.
    aspergers isn't sth shitty. u just lack social skills and this isn't always a bad thing. also people wid aspergers tend 2 have intelligence above da average and unique skills. and also nobody has died by havin aspergers.

    u can work-out for yer social skills to fix 'em. it's kinda difficult for an individual wid aspergers, but yet not impossible

    • dude you are full of shit, ask someone who has struggled with Asperger and never been diagnosed how miserable his life was. " its just a lack of social skills" and in this world that is everything you need to live, you need friends connections for employment, you need skills to connect with women and have relationships. Aspergers if un diagnosed is just as bad or worse. Ironically I might get cancer of how sad and depressed and angry I am , that no one ever helped me or took me to a metal profesional

  • It has been very tough on you - Is there not counsellors or support groups for people with aspergers.

  • Many people who get cancer die from it.
    Nobody dies from Aspergers.
    Neither are fun, indeed.

    • I almost died from it, just indirectly. I almost died from an overdose. It contributes to major depression.

    • Many conditions can lead to a depression. My wife had two, I had one, my son had one. Mostly stress related. Can we say then that stress is like cancer?

  • how did you end up getting a girlfriend by having aspergers?