I met a girl on festival don't have a clue what to write?

I want to try my luck yesterday it was festival, I've met her there and she was constantly checking me out.

She gave me facebook (i'm more anti facebook - I should ask for her number, damn)

So what should I write to her, I want to invite her out, but she's like quite not that close to my town. I don't want to be creepy or pushy.

What to text? Thanks <3


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  • just say hi and tell her who you are.

    • thanks amm how to invite her out? Should I just ask or message her little?

    • plus she's rarely online should I just write and wait for reply.

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  • To start, I would just say "Hey, I had a great time at the festival. Want should get together some time?"

    • Isn't that too direct, I wasn't even talking almost nothing because she needed to go her parents were there and it was supporting some friends which were playing. But she said like add me on fb. I was like okay but how can i find ya she said surname I couldn't hear so I said write it down on my cellphone.

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    • Maybe something a little more casual? Like "Hey, I'm the guy you met at the festival,"?

    • thanks I'll message her today at 8pm... Hey [her NAME] I'm the guy you've met at festival. How are you today?
      Is that okay asking how she is?

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  • Talk socially at first an if still good move towards asking her out

    • I did she accepted pancakes:D We'll see... if she'll really come.

    • Good luck

  • she likes you - w/e you do, she won't see it as creepy or pushy

    so just be yourself, dont think about it. just write something.

    • I don't know what to write damn is that okay, Hei [her NAME] it was nice meeting you. How are you today?

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    • I'll just write it down and we'll see :D
      Hei [NAME] it was nice meeting you at [festival name] how are you today? ;)
      Thanks for helping

    • hey I contacted her she was online she didn't replied :/ ... but also on facebook says she didn't saw the message. Hmmm If she'll pop seen there and she won't reply I'll just delete her or what would you do?