Where do you watch your anime?

I need a webiste to watch English dubbed anime on. I tried CrunchyRoll, but it didn't have Full Metal Alchemist 😢

Do you know of any good sites for anime? Idc if i have to pay a little, as long as it has all episodes of all series, or at least the ones I'm into right now: Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, AOT, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Death Note, Fairy Tale, and i may be getting into Sword Art, and Angel Beats, and i may get back into Dragon Ball Z (i got bored of it a while ago).

Please help?


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  • If you're looking for dubbed I think hulu or netflix would have all the dubbed, since voice overs have to be done obviously xD
    I think the other anime sites are primarily subbed I also watch anime on animefreak. tv but I only watch subbed so I'm not sure how their dub updates are.

    • I have NetFlix but they don't have a single series that has all episodes. They have the first few seasons of every anime I've searched, but stop after that.

    • Oh wow really? I would have thought they'd have more especially since they want to up the prices.

      How about hulu? I just looked real quick and I see they have like 300+ dub episodes of bleach.

    • Well i don't have Hulu, but if it has the full series of everything i watch, then i might consider getting it.

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  • A lot of places. I avoid CrunchyRoll, I just really don't like it. I've been using animeram. me and gogoanime. tv recently.

    • Aww, neither of them had Full Metal Alchemist either. I feel like that series is just hard to find. But every site has Brotherhood, just not the original :/

    • Yeah, I haven't watched FMA for a long time. I did a quick google search, maybe look up dubbedonline. eu, theanimeplace. co, dubzonline. pw and animeselect. tv.

    • Ok, I'll try those, thanks for the help :)

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