Can someone explain to me what "Communist" is in layman's terms?

Or Communism (In layman's terms). I didn't get the definitions from Google.


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  • It is a society that shares its resources in the community equally amongst everyone weather or not someone works a doctor or a janitor, everyone gets an equal amount of resources. But no communist state has ever achieved this "true communism". Like China is communist but they dont actually follow these rules so i don't exactly know what you would call them

    • I thought communist refers to certain person

    • Well a communist is someone who lives under communism. Like i live in Canada so I'm a democrat because i live in a democratic government

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  • Communism is a social and economic where the state owns all the resources.

    • pretty sure thats more like an empire or monarchy

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    • Thats waht i'm trying to say, but the social system has nothing to do with communism, nor dose the economy. Its a governmental system

    • @Northardt No. Please go look up the definition of economy and get back to me.

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  • The most basic tenet of communism is that the worker produces X for the community according to his ability and receives Y goods according to his need from the community.

  • Everyone is equal, literally. Everyone owns the same brand car, the same pans, the same type of house, is on the same salary, etc etc.

    • So who is communist? It has to be a person, isn't it?

    • Someone that supports this system.