Has anyone tried Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward?

I've never tried a FF game but heard they are fun. Just curious if anyone has tried the new one and expansion? I'm thinking about trying it.


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  • Final Fantasy 14 isn't really representative of the Final Fantasy franchise, since it's an MMORPG. In all honesty, FF 11 and FF 14 shouldn't be part of the numbered series and should instead be a side series like Final Fantasy Tactics.

    Anyways, I've never played Final Fantasy 14. If you've ever played World of Warcraft or Runescape or something along those lines, you'll know what you are getting into. If you are new to this, keep in mind it's a monthly fee. All MMOs are heavy experience/quest grinding and end up feeling like virtual chores and you need to have people to play with to see much of the end game content. The genre just doesn't appeal to me personally anymore. I played FF 11 for like 8 months and WOW for like 6 years.

    • I see and thank you :) Also I've played WoW for years and other MMOs so that's why this was appealing to me, I was curious if the pvp in it is good or even worth doing, that's the main reason I play games lol.

    • Ah, can't help you there. I know that PVP in FF 11 was considered a joke, but obviously square-enix had years of watching PVP in WOW to learn how to actually do it so I'm assuming it's better than that. Still, I feel that PVP in MMOS is a bit lame to me because I prefer games where everyone has access to everything and it boils down to skill not just the guy that grinded the better set of armor and weapons being better than the guy that didn't. To each their own, though. I'm guessing if you searched youtube for FF 14 PVP, that will give you a good idea of whether or not the game will be up your alley.

      Good luck either way.

    • Yeah i've been stalking the game on youtube for a little while now, so i'll probably but it and try it out anyway, I just wanted some opinions but seems like no ones really tried it yet, so I might as well do it lol.

      That's true PVP in MMOs is very grindy but I love the competition part of it, I love rankings and ratings and pvp'ing for competition. I've tried MOBAs lately and they're not as grindy at all but you still get that competitive feel. It's just a huge learning curve for me and my heart still loves MMOs lol

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  • No, I don't play it cause it's way too expensive with the monthly fee, but other final fantasy games were great.

    • It is expensive lol. We have to buy the Realm Reborn before it, as well as Heavensward and a monthly fee. It better be good haha

    • Ya, it better be!

  • FF7 is the only one I played.

  • I haven't played it but I would recommend you start with final fantasy x/x--2 HD remastered if you own a playstation.

    • I don't, i've heard the ones for PS are fun though, I normally just play MMOs on my PC and thank you :)

    • Then final fantasy 7 it's on steam !

    • I've heard it was the best lol

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  • I played the older ones - they were fun, but not as fun as Tomb Raider or Assassin's Creed...
    The new ones are boring to me - the ones in episodes. O:o

    But I like the third person action adventure gameplay, not really only the puzzle games.

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