Anyone else want to see Greece kicked out of the EU?

I a glad to see that the utter financial irresponsibility of the Greek people is finally being recognized. They borrowed money the couldnt pay back. Half their population is on welfare for life. They have been bailed out numerous times in the past. They cut not one dollar from their spending over the past years. They Falsified their books and got caught. What a mess. Time to boot their sorry asses out of the EU.

They are dragging the entirety of Europe down with them. Good Riddance Greece!!! Opinions?

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Margaret thatcher once said, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples' money."


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  • For all the people who don't understand the Greece situation, Please read this :

    > If Greece Leaves the EU:
    Countries like Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UK (Etc.) Will NEVER EVER get the money back they are owed,
    This will cause nations that are already going through economic crisis of their own (Spain and Italy) to likely also go on the verge of economic collapse. And if they fall, So will the countries who they have borrowed money from, and so on and so on until eventually the entire Eurozone is just an economic shit sown of broken Governments and defaulted nations.

    > If greece stays in the EU
    Since the 1940's, Greece has always been a financial shit show. Greece has never collected the tax from its people, Its people are greedy and expect far too much in regards to government handouts and low retirement age, And over time, it was bad, but it wasn't that bad, And when Greece joined the Euro, suddenly, It could get MASSIVE loans it could never possibly hope to pay back, So, With this, Politicians in order to win votes has offered more and more luxuries to its people to get elected, and borrowed more and more money to fund this (In greece right now, The retirement age is 40... Fucking 40 !!!)
    So, If greece were to stay in the EU it would have to adopt VERY STRICT austerity measures, Meaning greeks would have to raise their retirement age, Start paying taxes and expect less government handouts (Just like every other EU nation), But the greek people are very fucking greedy and want none of it (Cultural differences), And in the refferendum yesterday, 67% said they DO NOT want austerity and DECLINED an EU bailout fund (Which essnetially means greece is fucked because its people are greedy fucks and dont want to fix the shit they caused).

    Sadly, The only way out of this situation, Is the Greek people stop acting like entitled fucks and expecting the hole world to suffer to pay for their fucking luxeries, and start paying some god damn tax and get some god damn jobs and fix their country, and not relying on the backs of EU tax payers to pay for their lazy jobless's asses with state handouts. But, Greeks do not want this... Because they are a nation of lazy dipshits.

    If you have 12 minutes, I EXTREMELY reccomend you watch this video :

    • Wow, and here I thought the US economy sucked xD

      All jokes aside, the EU needs to give Greece an ultimatum: Either get your shit together, or get the fuck out.

      Greece reminds me of my alcoholic uncle tbh

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    • You forgot the part where private banks dumped the bad Greece's debt on European taxpayers, just like they did in the US. The private banks don't give out public bonuses, but they get their mistakes socialized. Also, Greece has taken deep austerity measures for years. It didn't work. Unemployment is 25%. The people that sold out European taxpayers want more austerity measures, as if shrinking the Greek economy is going to get them paid sooner. Yes, Greece has been a little too lavish with the retirement age, and tax evasion has been a huge problem. But it's the same old story of the wealthy evading the most taxes. And for years the retirement age in Greece has been 68. So basically, the narrative your opinion creates is elitist propaganda.

      A unified Europe is a good thing, but not under the reins of pyramid schemers. What are Greece's options? Stomp on their shattered economy further with more austerity? Famine? Mass deprivation? All that or leave the Euro? Die or lose the Euro. Easy

    • @fugue you know the US also participated in the bailout and purchase of the subsequent debt, right?

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  • I'd like to see them improve their situation. Greece falling out of the EU is bad business for everyone.

    • This is what? The sixth bailout? And the greeks keep taking the money and not curtailing their spending. It needs to end somewhere. Greece is a welfare state with very wealthy politicians that foster a welfare class to stay in power. It is time for the Greeks to return to work. A country can't survive on the good graces and hard work of other countries.

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    • who's talking about Greece being punished. I am talking about fiscal policies that cannot work

    • Good luck with that.

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  • Well I love Greece. I have a lot of family there who need the country to be successful.

    I think there are clear alternatives--basically in the form of debt restructuring--which would allow the Greek economy to begin meaningful recovery, would allow Greece to stay in the Eurozone, and would result in a full repayment of all debt over time. That's the course that should be taken, I think, given that everyone would benefit. :)

    • But Greece has been bailed out five times so far and has refused to change its ways. They have paid nothing back and continue the socialist programs that keep its people from earning their keep. Why should Germany and france keep paying for the Greeks to sit fat and happy on a permanent vacation?

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    • There is a lot of reality there. 5 Bailouts. Massive debt that exceeds Greece's ability to ever repay. Falsified books and fraud on the part of Greece. 25% unemployment, 35% work for the government, a huge portion retired at 40 on lifetime pensions, and a lot on welfare. I dont see any errors there.
      I think the EU has gotten to the point where they realize that their efforts aren't reflected in the goodwill and efforts of Greece. The economic "Common" doesn't to want Greece to "freeload" anymore.

    • I'll just close out the discussion by citing Proverbs 26:4, and by suggesting that, in case anyone is inclined to believe our anonymous asker, or his favored respondent, you need only become informed. And have a functioning moral compass.

      Next time maybe don't hide when you troll.

  • I haven't a clue what way it will go they have both gone hardcore - Noone can back down without losing a lot of face - If Greece goes who is next, I think Ireland was the only one that stayed within the rules of its bailout - Spain and Portugal look dodgy and if contagion hits Italy Eurozone won't survive unless Germany creates a two tier euro zone which will be a political nightmare

  • Noone has a job because no businesses have any money to pay them, because noone has any money to buy their products, because noone has a job...
    It's a vicious cycle, and it's actually Germany who are to blame as much as anyone. They encouraged Greece to borrow more money than they could ever afford to pay back, so that they would spend billions on German trains, German submarines, etc, and have to keep making the interest payments indefinitely as well. It's just like how the banks caused the whole subprime mortgage crisis, only worse, because at least the banks weren't the ones selling the houses.
    Obviously they should leave the Euro, but not the EU.
    And please, I *really* hope you're not suggesting we want another Margaret Thatcher.

    • It is because the government won't control spending and the greeks aren't working. Not to mention that of those that DO work, a huge portion of them work for the government... that adds NOTHING to the economy. And so many are on welfare, pensions and since they retire at 40 as the opinion above stated, very few productive workers contribute to the economy. Not to mention they aren't taxed... its a mess

  • I don't see why anyone other than Greece has to worry bout this... don't concern yourself... unless Greece personally owes you money... than concern yourself

    • It effects all countries. The greeks were loaned money from most of the EU and the US. It is also symbolic of Soverign debt and the downfalls of a welfare state. The US is heading in the same direction. The dow futures are down 170 overnight. It is because the world sees the failings and that other countries are vulnerable here.