Why do you think rock music Isn't as popular as rap and pop music? Was there some kind of serious game changer?

I was just hanging with my friends a little while ago and we were talking about music (mostly rap). Since I only listen to less mainstream rappers I didn't have much to say (I barely listen to rap). When the conversation drifted torwards what kinda music I listened to (mostly rock) they couldn't really name any bands beside coldplay. So it got me curious, why rock isn't as mainstream as it used to be?

I don't really have any social media besides Kik and maybe this (Idk if these count)
but I heard 20%(33%?) of divorce statements mention Facebook.
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  • Rock is boring. I never wee rock do anything outside of rock. They nearly do collabs or be in the news.

    And the lines of some rock stars cross pop these days. And rock stars change there sound to quickly like linking park.

    I like rock too but just one or two album after that they usually auck.

    Thousand foot krutch
    Breaking Benjamins
    Rose against

    Are my favs. But I'm into hip hop more now


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  • i dont think its any less popular. maybe played on less stations. but the rock isle at the music stores are just as big as the rap/hip hop section.


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