Was I the butt of all their jokes, or more like they plotted together against me?

Saw this guy I got so mad I don’t know I just freaked out. Face got all red, had a burst-out, tried to grab the door from him in anger, I was literally furious. He actually ran away. No joke.

The next time I saw his idiot friend, I was about to be polite and say hello, as he has done me no wrong. Instead, he got all red-faced and got this huge grin, looked away real quick and started acting out. Shoving his friend on purpose, laughing like a hyena, yelling stuff when I was paying him no mind.

I’m confused whether they made me the butt of their jokes together, or the other guy really got hurt and told his friend, so they plotted this against me.

I always thought this buffoon, (the hyena laughing one), had a huge crush on me based on past behavior, so I was surprised he’d be willing to do that, friend or not.

The other alternative is he was just trying to make me mad to get my attention, having clearly picked up on the fact that I’m super hot-tempered.

Guys did they plot against me together? Do guys do this sort of thing?
That guy was really enjoying how annoyed I looked.


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What Guys Said 1

  • He thought it was cute but is to shy to act around his friends in front of u and he ran so they made fun of him so he thought it would help make them stop if he did the same to u

    • No no, the second time, it was a different guy, his friend, (some random dude). It wasn't the same guy I had the outburst on.

    • Hahaha u sound like a fun person and really cute a guy would never get bord with u :)

What Girls Said 1

  • they plotted against you.

    • Why? Are they truly that jobless?

      I was pissed in a spontaneous moment sort of thing, not that I actually sat their thinking how I'm going to bug him.

    • You started it for no reason

    • I actually HATE that guy, he's done enough things to me trust me

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