What would you do if you had a father like mine?

He is rude (to me only) . He breaks his promises. He secretely hates my mom. (He told me by himself ,,, and he wasn't angry or something) . He is close minded - Never accepts what you say. He never appologizes and he would never admit that he did something wrong. He believes that he is always right and whatever you say is wrong. He talks shit behind everybody's back (He is two faced) . He has a religion but he doesn't always do what it says. He doesn't allows me to levae the house on my own ,,, i have to be with at least one of my parents even tho i am 16 . So my question is : What would you do if you were me?


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  • at least you have a father who's there. I used too have a father who would get drunk, beat my mother, at one point he almost slit her throat right in front of me I was 6 years old. He lied to me to me so many times. He thought I was gay at one point and said I'm not his son anymore because I didn't want to sleep with his friend I was only 11 years old. A few months ago I was angry at him when he visited after 10 years. I apologized to him later because you know what Its not worth it. Your lucky to have a father at least...

    • A person is lucky when he has a good father. Not just a "father" .

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    • Yeah. But that is his job. I mean , he is supposed to do it.

    • Im sorry but there are kids who go through worse then you and I. by the way my father never took care of me financially nor was he there for anything. My mother struggled by herself. So your lucky to have a roof over your head believe it or not. Yeah he's an asshole but you know what he still cares about you. If he didn't he would've left you guys a long time ago...

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  • I also have to struggle with a father similar as yours. He's very emotionally abusive towards my mother and just a bad person overall. Through my teen years I just pushed through and told myself I wouldn't always have to live under his roof and that things are just temporary. After I finished high school and went to uni things changed for the better and I don't have to constantly deal with his shit as I'm away. So my advice is stick it out and push through. It will only be this way till you finish school. Then you can get out and away from him.

  • I'm sorry you have to live with a father like him but you can't really do anything about it.
    Maybe try to avoid him ( but that's almost impossible because you live with your father) or maybe talk to your mother about his behaviour behind her back. or you can go to a council at your school and talk about your problem maybe he/she has good advice.
    (i'm dutch so sorry if i have bad grammar)

    • Your grammar is okay and ,, yeah i can't do anything about it but i can avoid him cause he never comes to my room ( I don't know why) . This is the only thing that i can do but i asked this question to see what others would have done if they were me.

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  • I'm glad my dad is the exact opposite of yours :). I'd probably cut ties with him once I got out the house

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