Is it true, that if you choose to bet on the wrong horse in life, don’t expect to be anything but miserable?

Sort of like, running after the wrong people, wasting time on the wrong things. Just not realizing whose on your side, and who isn’t. What is, and what isn’t.


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  • To a degree what you have to do is stop yourself going for same horse all the time.


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  • not really. plenty of wrong horses work fine, planty of great horses crash and burn


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  • well no one chooses to do the wrong thing, so they wouldn't know, which means they wouldn't know to expect misery. seeing as expectation is based on assessment of information which in this case you would not be aware of, it wouldn't be possible..

    you can't be expected to expect misery of you dk you're creating misery for yourself.

    • that statement of yours works more as an ' i told you so' after the fact. its a bit spiteful. bc no one knows they made the wrong decision until after.

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    • thats different than pointing out particular situations at the time its happening, in order to help a person gather information they can use to make the right decision.

      but saying making bad decisions will make you unhappy is like saying stepping on glass will cut you. it doesn't actually give any particular constructive criticism. its just general criticism.

    • but how would they know?

      even iff they do it over and over... obviously they can't tell. so how cow;ld they expect anything bc of it?

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