About getting myself a job?

Ok so I graduated school back in March and I've been enjoying my summer vacation. But before I even got out of school my mom was asking when I plan on finding a job.

I dont one even have my license and she's asking that.

And I know I need to think about it but I just want to enjoy my summer after twelve years of school and not having to worry till spring about collage. Am I in the right here or not?


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  • Man find sth to start with. You are enjoying vacation but time flies. And long vacations are boring let me tell you.


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  • Get a job!

    • That's what I plan on doing. Just need to get my drivers license... and a resume... and references... this is gonna take a while isn't it?

    • it does. muddle through.

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  • your mom probably knows how difficult it is to land a good job so she wants you to get a head start.

    • I'm think she means more of a part time job, like she has suggestions but my main concern right now is getting my license so I can drive, then I'll focus on getting a job.

    • ooh well she probably just wants you doing something. if its a short summer vacation then I don't see why not just enjoy it a little while but if you want to make her happy at the same time just show her you're at least keeping your eyes open for an opportunity while enjoying the summer.