If I don't understand something, I cannot get myself to say so in front of the class. What is this?

At home, i do and say whatever, there is no holding bak.
In class, i cannot open my mouth. Why?


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  • you probably don't want to be the center of attention, and possibly be judged by your fellow classmates by asking to clarify something you do not understand, also you don't want to use class time for the professor to explain something to you which you believe everyone else in the class understood but honestly I bet half of them are thinking the same shit you are.

    • Thanks for your comment, but u c, i want to speak out, but i cannot bring myself to do so. Im holding back in other words, why is this happening? I want to say what i want.

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    • you're just not in your comfort zone

    • so how do i get out of that?

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  • it is stage fright. Confidence (lack of)


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  • Probably a bit of social anxiety