How much time and effort is required to make $20 or equivalent amount in real life, via a side job in your country?

In GaG, earning $20.

7000 xpers are required to get one $20 amazon gift card.

Lets suppose, if a person earns 1 xper in 1 minute.

Note: Actual time will be more than that.

7000 minutes = ~117 hours of GaG activity is required to get $20 gift card.

So, ~117 hours of GaG activity gets you $20 gift card, considering that 1 xper is earned in 1 minute.

In real life, a person could earn $20 in approximately 2-4 hours easily.
Just a calculation, for those who come here solely to get gift cards and not to help people.

They should remember that GaG purpose is to help each other. These gifts cards are just a secondary reward which no other forum offers.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I make more than that per hour normally so yeah it's definitely not worth it for the gift cards lol

    • Its quite interesting to see people here for the gift cards xD.

      They worry a lot and decide to leave GaG, if there is an increase in xpers for the gift cards.

    • Yeah every time I see people here just for the gift cards, I always think "do they realize how many points it takes to actually get one now" lol

      And thank you for MHO

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What Girls Said 2

  • If we're talking no qualifications, minimum wage, about 2 and a quarter hours.

  • an hour and a half. haha


What Guys Said 1

  • I would say an hour.

    • Please see the update.

      How much time usually it takes for you to earn $20 gift card in practice? Any idea?

    • I don't understand how long doesit take to get reward - I give my points to RAVEN - I takes about 18 days for me to get the 8,000 points for 30 USD donation for RAVEN

    • Ok. Thanks. That's great :).

      My calculations went good.

      Assuming you spend ~7 hours here daily. 7 hours daily x18 days = 126 hours of GaG activity lets you donate $30 to RAVEN.

      Pretty impressive results :).

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