Rant in the comments about anything that is going on in your life that you can't rant about in reality. A break-up, a crush, a new job, a bad day, a good day, literally anything.


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  • I need 28 hour days for the next few days.

  • Ahh now I am shy cause i got put on the spot lol


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  • o thats dangerous. haha!!!
    i'll just keep it general... and say there are some things i would really really love to have and can't. haha

  • Nobody is doing the dishes and laundry. Stupud woodland creatures...

  • I'm n tired of being treated like a cold. I'm not one of those girls that are upset about not being allowed to go to a party or stay out late. What i mean is that my opinions or knowledge are underestimated by everyone. I'll be having a conversation with an adult and I'll share my opinion and my reasoning behind a controversial subject and they'll say it's irrelevant because of my age. Sometimes I'll know more about the subject than they do, and they'll simply disregard it. It's terribly frustrating and in sick and tired of it. I bet when I'm older the same people will disregard it still because of their "life experience"

    • I totally understand what you mean, people treat me the same way. The fact is they are just too naive to understand that EVERYBODYS opinions matter and should be treated with respect. Stay strong, prove them all wrong.

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    • Me too, sixteen is young when you're in the work industry I'm in. I'm rarely taken seriously.
      Just keep giving people your opinions no matter what, when you're proven right it will be all the more embarrassing for them.

    • Thank you 😊

  • OMG literally best post ever. I am going to come back here whenever I need to blow off steam. Thank you MissMc3

  • I really dunno what I gotta rant about
    Sixth Street's neat, more space to walk around
    No point in breaking joints if I dropped my box at the checkout :D
    C'mon lets deck out
    No pain no gain,--wrong, I lost all my worries while my pain flew,
    Went long,
    No time for cynical, skeptical,
    Motive in a prime--dont need to be directable.

    They wave their hands in the air,
    New tricks?
    Maybe but,
    These jets took the 's' in 'sup

    Walk-in no talkin', cons fallin'-- no, get rockin
    Bad blues, no sound to detect, for the wreck!
    You make my wreck the problem!
    Don't try to block em,
    Fate's in the wrong log-in

    I guess I really dunno what I gotta rant about
    Life's a charm, don't let the fall get out
    No point in doing harm, I bet my wall fell down
    And all these people keep a wall while they still walk around

    Yeah all these people keep a wall while they still walk around :)
    (Have no idea what that was about :D enjoy the random lyrics)

  • My life is pretty swell :)
    I have nothing to rant about.

  • Well I recently got cheated on :/ I'm slowly but surely coping.

    • Aw I'm sorry :(
      You're too good for a cheater, don't let it get to you. God bless :)

  • I'm tired of being treated like an object by everyone that hits on me. The one guy that didn't and that I had an awesome connection with is now on a month long vacation and I haven't heard from him. I'm struggling with depression and everything sucks right now.

    • :( im sorry... some guys are weenies.

    • Be strong girl, you don't need a man to be awesome. Just be happy with yourself and the guy will come along eventually. You're amazing, don't be sad.

  • the ac is broken in my house and its summer!!

    • omg thats horrible!! im sorry to hear that. must be lots of popsicle eating and cold fruit!!!
      walk around naked :)

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