I need advice, ?

My older brother asked me a month ago to move to a new state wih him amd his wife. Originally I wamted to go because the city has multiple universities and culture differences that my current town lacks. I was 100 percent ready to go, i would be able to attend school amd transfer my job. Bur a week ago he told me that the house they where suppose to get fell through and now its an apartment amd I camt take my dog. So now im not sure, I dont want to leave my dog a full state away. And my boss told me if I stayed he wpuld promote me. I really hate my current town, the weather, the school, the lack of culture and the Bethals! I hate them the most.
I need advice whatshould I do?


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  • Can you live with them but not get in their way? Perhaps have an outside entrance or an apartment?

    • Thats what my girlfriend said, that i should move with them for 6 months save and get my own apartment that allows dogs.
      But what do you mean get in their way?

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    • Well the original plan was suppose to be in a house but now its a two bedroom apartment. Im just literally on the fence with both plans.

    • so it is temporary fot them too? THey looking to get a house? If they both find it fine, go for it. It isn't permanent and they dont have to feel you are there for life.

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  • Stay! Money and dog is enough to make me stay


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  • Stay with the dog - You had me sold there