What do you think of this poem I just found?

She's beautiful, she's terrible.
She jealous, she's wonderful.
She's sad, she's pitiful.
She's sweet, she's loveable.
She's evil, she's lost.
She's pathetic, she's distraught.
She's horrible, she's ugly.
She's depressed, she's clumsy.
She's cocky, she's classy.
She's cranky, she's cuddly.
She's curvy, she's fair.
She's edgy, but don't stare.

She's flirty, she's weird.
She's dirty, she's mental.
She's awful, she's gentle.
She's classy, she's wild.
She's sassy, she smiles.
She's a lady, she's absurd.
She's a baby, she's awkward.
She's perky, she's quirky!
She's stupid, she's smart.
She's sleazy, she's a sweetheart.
She's tasty, she's inspired.
She's wicked, but she's your desire.

She's neat, she's messy.
She's confused, she's sexy.
She's attractive, she's afraid.
She's impulsive, she's brave.
She's dangerous, she's careful.
She's spontanious, she's fearful.
She's amazing, she's friendly.
She's flexible, she's grumpy.
She's reckless, she's forgetful.
She's flawless, she's resentful.
She's weak, she's strong.
She's alert, she doesn't belong.

She is everything that she's not. But don't judge her, she's lost.
Maybe one day, she'll find herself and be happy,
Joy is something she's been longing for... so badly.


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  • I think this person has self-esteem issues and needs to get more focus in their lives - this can be done through proper education and philosophical reflection. Maybe read towards a meaningful life by simon jacobson.


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  • How dare you call this piece crap poetry?

    • *piece of crap

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  • I liked it better when I reread - It is not bad

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