Thoughts about Ylvis?

Well, I love these guys, they are so damn clever!
They make "comedy music" and for me, they have very good vocal skills, stupid lyrics but an amazing sound!

Thoughts about Ylvis?

  • They're stupid, I don't like them
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  • I loveeee them <3
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  • I don't know them
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  • They're stupid but I like them
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  • They're so clever that I like them
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Most Helpful Girl

  • LOL, their songs are sooo funny and catchy, but get annoying real fast 😂 I certainly don't mind Ylvis, I think they're clever in a weird way.. or stupid in a clever way, I'm not sure. xD

    • HAHAHAHA YEAH! I KNOW! It's so confusing XD For me they are so stupid that it is clever XD this song is super hilarious!
      I love how funny they are! I really really like these guys, I can listen to their songs all day and laugh like it was the first time lol

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    • Thanks for the MHO! :)

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What Guys Said 3

  • I know so many people have THE FOX, but I think it's damn catchy and freaky hilarious!!! They are stupid, and clever, and hella catchy!

    • Yeah, the fox is the most famous one. My favorite is "Yoghurt", that song is catchy, clever, stupid and funny <3 I fucking love those guys XD

    • I'll look it up!

  • everyone who gets what they're singing about or has seen the elevator prank has to love them. they're unique.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I like Stonehenge best! :))

    That's some real vocals in 2:28 - 2:44 there!

    • I KNOOOOW! His voice is fucking powerful!
      This song is amazing XD the first time I heard it I laughed my ass off XD

      "and then she plays with my balls"
      Best line ever LOL

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    • OMG! Yeah, those were amazing lol

    • Those were hilarious. 😆

  • I've only heard like two of their songs but they're not bad.

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