What do you think of people with housekeepers who REFUSES to pick up/clean up after themselves at all?

I'm not just only talking about people having their housekeepers do simple things like take out trash, sweep, mop and vacuum, dusting and things like that but I'm talking about those who make their housekeepers pick up and clean after them like their shoes, underwear etc. And don't make their kids pick up after themselves either? And have you bust your ass for hours cleaning up the place and then a few minutes later, they come and trash up the place all over again for you to clean up the next day?

Do you think people sometimes take advantage of their housekeepers and abuse their housekeeping services or do you think it's okay and not a big deal?


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  • They are paying for the service, right? If the situation isn't to the housekeeper's liking then perhaps the terms of the agreement should be renegotiated.

    • No I'm not being paid at all to do this. I'm living there for free so in return they want free housekeeping which isn't a problem but the simple fact that It's SO MUCH cleaning and dusting to do EVERYDAY and they just trash up the place every single day and I have to clean it all over again the next day. I'm not at all taking it personal because they claim to have had 13 housekeepers before me and never quit on them which I find very hard to believe.

    • Then perhaps some money needs to be part of the equation. Having to spend cash can be a great incentive to change habits.

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  • it all depends on what was agreed to when they hired the housekeeper. If thats what they are getting paid for well thats what they have to do.

    • Just like I told the last user, no I'm not being paid to do this because I'm living there for free so in return, they want free housekeeping.

    • I'm not trying to argue. But you must have had some type of agreement going in. if you not happy with deal just move on.

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