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  • If I was forced to choose I'd go for Hillary. But honestly, if it ends up being between the two of them, I don't really care. To me, they're both conservatives and I don't vote for any conservatives. It's like a choice between pest and cholera, as we'd say in German (mind you, I'm not American, so I wouldn't able to vote for any of them anyway).

    • wow you really consider her conservative?

    • I'm gonna put it like this: if Obama (who is more progressive than Hillary) was a politician in my country, he'd be somewhere in a center-right party. America's liberals are Europe's conservatives. America's conservatives are people we can only shake our heads about in Europe and wonder if we should laugh or cry about them ;-).
      As for Hillary specifically... I can't really think of anything particularly progressive about her (not even in American terms). She is a huge interventionist in terms of foreign politics and she isn't a supporter of any regulations of Wall Street or the financial market for starters.

    • Thats interesting i didn't realize they were so far left over there.

      The democrats like to hide it but they really are tied to the banks and wall street.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Hillary over Donald for sure, but Bernie over all other candidates.

  • Please NO!!!

    I mean trump is bad but hillary scares the crap out of me.

    • If Hillary (who used to be a Republican and only changed her party for her Husband) scares the crap out of you, I don't even wanna know how much somebody like Obama scares you. And if somebody like Obama scares even the bigger crap out of you, I don't even wanna know how somebody like Bernie Sanders scares you. I guess he must be like the personification of Satan to you haha :-)

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    • I would agree with you on Hillary. Obama on the other hand never stroke me as a "corrupt" politicians. I think Americans are very quick at confusing being "corrupt" with simply being a politician who makes policies that you don't support.

    • i really struggle with Obama. Sometimes i think he's just totally incomeptent other times he's seems corrupt.

What Guys Said 4

  • A gas station breakfast burrito would be more adept at doing good for the country than those two.

    • Honestly, had Trump never said that bullshit about Mexicans, I would've at least considered voting for him. But now he's the last person I'd vote for.

      Unless a Libertarian or Green Party member runs for office, I will not vote this year.

  • The last few republicans kinda fuckled the place up... whereas the current democrat was just kind of "meh", and the democrat before him fixed the budget, and ended a war, and everything in general was working...

    • Our national debt almost doubled during Obama's first term alone. How exactly did he fix the budget?

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    • "the one before him" fixed the budget


    • Ohhh. Never mind then.

  • Hillary won't win this elections

  • Trump for Prex and his hair piece for VP!!

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