Firefighter or cop?

I originally wanted to be a cop but I went to college and finished my BA. Im thinking of becoming a volunteer firefighter instead. Law enforcement just seems like in all chitty job today.


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  • Personally I wouldn't pick a profession where your life is at risk everyday.
    I'd chose firefighter out of the two, most don't rush into a scyscraper engulfed in flames, they just deal with small or east to deal with fires. But don't volutes not get paid?
    And don't cops not get paid very well either?

    • I'm an engineer I'm looking to do this as a volunteer either if I go police or fire. They just get paid during the academy. I'm turning 28 though something I've always wanted to do.

    • I know lots of volunteer firefighters but I've never heard of a volunteer cop

    • They call them reserve officers. It's about two to three shifts a month.

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  • If I was a cop I would abuse my power maliciously. Super ULTRA MEGA HYPER RAINBOW POWER TRIP

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