Please can you post a cute/funny pic or meme?

I've been feeling really down today for personal reasons, please help cheer me up? #FeelingDown


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  • i don't know how to post pics but I'll just make some jokes

    A science one

    A scientist was looking at a culture of split bacteria when his sister dropped a beaker on his foot... He said "ouch mitosis"

    A bar one

    A man was into a bar... Everyone began to laught at his black eye the next day

    A custom one

    The farmer yelled to his corn "yall listen up now" and the corn replied "I'm all ears"

    Wasn't it CORNY... No? Ok...

    I'm sorry I hope you feel better

    • Lol, those made me giggle a little. Thanks they made me feel a bit better 😊

    • Anytime 😊

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    • Lol, I'm definitely upset

    • but you definitely Lol'd

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