Please Gag I really need your help! My job doesn't pay me on time?

My job keeps paying me when ever they want i'm getting sick of it. What can I do please help me. I really need advice.


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  • Depending on which country you live, seek legal advice.

    If your employer doesn't pay you on time on a regular basis, you can definitely take them to court.

    When my boyfriend left his job, his ex-employer tried to pull a fast one on him, cited some bullshit from his contract and thought he'd get away with it. My boyfriend purposely decided to be extra civil in the email exchange when asking what happened to his pay while ex-boss was very short replying with "See page blah blah section whatever". So I told my boyfriend to file early reconciliation with ACAS (requirement before taking your boss to an employment tribunal).

    Cheque with his full wages arrived within a week, lmao.

    • I live in the USA does that mean anything?

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    • @Illusive_Man

      Have a job lined up before leaving, then go full legal on his arse.

    • and then sell the story to The Guardian and The Morning Star , join up on some labour union and VOLA , make it rain... make it rain on them uh... oh god... can i still say that word?

  • Seek hr advice first you sue them.


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  • check the law about pay frequency in your state. In california they have to pay you twice a month.

    I knew of one company that wasn't paying their employees at that interval and they got sued.

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