80s music poll: Favorite album by Squeeze/The Motors?

Sure 1 of my top 10 bands ever. Squeeze have been involved wid many music styles…they started as punk-rock in their early recordings, then they become new-wave, then more synth-poppish and by da end of 80s they turned alt. rock mostly.

They’ve got a streak of awesome albums, but I’ll go wid Argybargy. Their masterpiece by far

The Motors were another late 70s-early 80s new-wave band, mostly known for their song “Airport”. They released 1 album in da early 80s, which was very good.

  • Argybargy (Squeeze)
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  • East Side Story (Squeeze)
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  • Sweets From A Stranger (Squeeze)
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  • Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti (Squeeze)
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  • Babylon And On (Squeeze)
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  • Frank (Squeeze)
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  • Tenement Steps (The Motors)
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  • Has to be East Side Story, for "Tempted" even if for no other reason. . . truly one of the monster 80s tracks, though never actually a commercial hit. Phenomenal vocal from Paul Carrack.

    Easily the best and most accurate song ever about being seduced.


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  • I have always like Squeeze over the years

    • fav album?

    • Ah I wouldn't know them that well - I just remember their sound more than anything else I have a terrible memory for songs or albums - I would tend to remember a band's sound or what they looked like more.

    • it's difficult here, since they've changed many styles, but their most known song's "Tempted" (this one has a 60s vibe)... but another known song by them's "Pulling Mussels" which's totally different as well (more pop-rockish)