Women of gag, there's 2 guys I know and both of them are in situations do you know why?

1st guy Is a guy I known for over 10 years. He used to be that guy that women would mistreat, friendzone and/or reject in a instant. The women that friendzoned him would use him as a shoulder to cry on about their dating/relationship woes. Well he changed and now he's dogging women now despite being able to get a woman with ease. He's seems bitter about women in the past mistreating him. I thought being bitter would ruin a guy's chances of dating?

2nd guy is a guy I've known for about 13 years. He dresses nice, keeps himself up , and is a great guy. He gets rejected chronically by women despite being confident, highly social, good personality. He never says anything stupid and he worked on himself extremely hard, still nothing. He also has never became bitter toward women despite never having a girlfriend, being chronically and viciously rejected by women. He's going to be 39 in a couple of months and he has never been able to get a woman, never kissed one, etc. I thought that not being bitter would help his chances of dating? So why did being bitter didn't effect one guy and not being bitter never helped the other?


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  • I don't know about the 1st guy... but how is that possible about the second guy? I mean if he I'd what you described how can he not get even one GF?

    How is his behavior... with women? And where is he looking for the women... Come on at least one women will like the second guy!!

    • Not one girl has ever been interested in him.

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    • So that's what's it. Its his genes! Why didn't I think of that sooner? I guess he's screwed because even though women blatantly lie and say confidence and personality only matters , its all about looks.

    • Ya I mean even he is letting himself very fit and clean and all...
      If he is believe average looking then he will have less chance with girls out there...

      I am just saying this because even if people say personality matters and all everyone wants a good looking partner even if they are average!!!

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  • I think its possible that the girls are picking up on the bitter as him being the brooding dramatic type and interested in that more than the good guy vibe. I'm sorry about your good natured friend. I'm assuming he has tried more than just the bar/club scenes. So I have no recommendations there.

    • He has. and thanks. You're the only woman brave enough to answer this question.

    • Is the second guy being friend zoned or straight out rejected?

    • He's Both

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  • Unsolved mysteries.

  • Maybe he comes off as more calm and collected since he's bitter about women he probably doesn't care if he loses one by getting rejected. If that makes sense.