What's the difference between MKUltra and truth serum?

Or MKUltra is a kind of truth serum? If so, what differentiate MKUltra?


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  • MKUltra was not a "drug" but a program. You will never find the true scope of the program online or anywhere else. It is an old program as well. It involved drugs, torture, and other things.


    • So they combine the use of drugs, torture and other things to force people confess something they don't want to and it's called MKUltra?

      I thought using drugs and torture is a very common way to force people confess? What did they name it for?

    • You misunderstand the program. I was not a "truth" program. It was a Mind Control Program. (MK - Mind Kontrol) It was to create mind controlled people.

    • thanks for MHO

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ff24-xGrSI

    To add to the fellas who answered before. Truth serum was created through a combination of barbiturates and benzodiazepines. With the correct administration of each collection of drugs they were able to accomplish this. It was released on the deep web some time ago detailing the experiment and its accomplishments.

  • MKUltra was a mind control program that tested the effects of LSD on unsuspecting people. Truth serum is what they were hoping to be able to make for interrogation purposes.

    • You're saying truth serum has never existed yet?

    • It's possible they've created truth serums but if they have it is top secret and not everyone would know about it.