What do you think of the article, 'Waiting for the Conservative Jon Stewart' ?

Waiting for the Conservative Jon Stewart

I actually thought this was a very interesting read and argument. Although with a topic like this there are going to be some biasies, I thought it was presented fairly well with solid analyses and 'more neutral' than I thought. I actually ended up agreeing wiht most of his arguments.

What do you think?

I am a John Stewart fan, not die hard, but I like him as a figure. Just to throw that out there.


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  • Donald Trump IS the "Conservative Jon Stewart"... except Jon Stewart is infinitely classier and intelligent.

    • Really, how so?

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    • No problem!

    • Thanks!

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  • Communists bought out Hollywood and our education system a long, long time ago. No, it's not a conspiracy theory, there are documents to prove this, it is a well known fact among politicians and there are numerous documentaries on the subject.

    • Could you show me some of this non-conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory?

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    • I have seen it. Complete rubbish. First of all, a documentary is not the best place for facts...

    • How is it complete rubbish? I bet you can't disprove a single thing from it and you're just spewing bullshit because you're liberal yourself.

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