Construct your dream man/woman?

My dream man:
- Tan/olive/caramel colored skin (like me)
- Dark brown to black hair
- Dark brown eyes
- Middle Eastern
- Tall
- Lean and toned
- Manly

keep in mind that the person has a nice personality too. Don't give me BS about how personality counts, I know it does. This question is specifically about looks though.


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  • - Any race
    - Any hair colour
    - Any eyes
    - Any ethnicity
    - Any height the same or below me
    - Asexual
    - Any weight (As long as not uber annorexic / morbidly obese).
    - Nice personality.
    I couldn't really give two shits what they looked like as long as they were nice. But, It would be impossible because A) Asexual girls are as rare as rocking horse shit and B) Girls only like guys with abs so thats me fucked and out of the game for life.

  • Amber or green eyes, about 5'3" to 5'6", b-cups+, an hourglass figure, slightly curled dark brown hair, highly intelligent, witty, self deprecating, either exotic looking or porcelain skin, hard to place but definitely foreign accent, fan of Douglas Adams, smokes cigars, drinks whiskey, grows her own magic mushrooms, plays the guitar like Hendrix, et cetera.,

    • Lol what if she dies from smoking

    • Smokin' the odd cigar ain't the same as a cigarette habit, besides this is a dream scenario so she wouldn't snuff it. lol

  • -5'7"
    -small round butt
    -moderate perky boobs
    -clear complexion
    -considers blowjobs her favorite recreational activity
    -likes weed
    -long hair
    -loves anal
    -green eyes
    -black or blonde hair, but dyes it strange colors
    -adept gamer
    -doesn't want kids
    -likes cats

    that's all I can think of

  • The only thing i am missing is that i am not middle eastern :( i would fit the bill ;)

    -Tan/olive/caramel colored skin (like me)
    - brown to black hair
    - Dark brown eyes or green/hazel
    -Lean and toned

    that sounds good to me!

    • That's okay hahah that part didn't really matter anyway

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    • Yeah, but this is just a fun way of talking about what you want. My man probably will look like this because there are a lot of men in my area who look like this. It's not a rare thing

      It doesn't mean that I'm not attracted to other things though, it just means that this is ideally what I want

    • @Asker yeah exactly!

  • - Short
    - Don't really care about skin color
    - Hazel or green eyes
    - Honey blonde hair
    - Mixed ("Mixed" doesn't automatically mean half-black)
    - Thin but with curves (especially a nice ass) or thick

  • Kind, caring, family-oriented, hard-working, ambitious, committed, sensible, loving, funny, generous, great cook and can give good massages.

  • Harry styles but a girl

  • Brown beautiful eyes
    A great laugh
    Sense of humor
    Very sarcastic
    I don't know my height
    Asain or mexican
    Yea thats it☺✌

  • Delicate facial features
    Really dark, or really light hair
    Soft, but not flabby

    • Blue, green, or really light brown eyes

  • Non-existent. I prefer being single.

  • Basically pornstar connie carter.


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  • This is such a 15 year old, teeny bopper question.
    People in the real world know that love and falling for someone doesn't work like a MASH game. Just sayin.
    I can't construct my dream man because that's too superficial, shallow, and immature for me to do with my knowledge on how men truly operate and how foolish it is to not give guys a chance simply for being born with the wrong 'genetic package.'

  • My dream man is my boyfriend and he actually differs a lot from what I used to think my dream man was

    - skin colour didn't matter but he's white and tans way easier than me :(
    - I always liked dark hair but he's blonde so now blonde is my favourite
    - Canadian (any ethnicity would have been fine just has to be Canadian)
    - close to my height (5'5) but he ended up being 6'1 haha
    - really good at and obsessed with giving oral (this was honestly never one of my expectations but that's what I got!)
    - similar views as me atheist/feminist/liberal/ (I know I will get hate against my boyfriend or me from some crazy for mentioning the F word, but hey that's how we roll, chill.)
    - video game/ classic nintendo nerd ( he doesn't like comics like I do but you can;t win them all!)
    - great cook (because I am not, I can bake though!)
    - adventurous
    - loves to snuggle
    - artistic type (I was a drama kid and he was a band kid)
    - is willing to share financial responsibility not pay everything for me! But also lets me spoil him/ spoils me on special occasions!
    - loves cats

  • I don't care about height and hair/eye color hardly at all.. but I guess if I could pick...

    Tall, around 6'1 to 6'3
    Dark blonde hair and dark blue eyes
    Muscular with a healthy amount of fat, definitely not skinny at all.
    Either shaved or with a short beard, hair will be short as well
    Easy to get along with, very sensual and romantic. He is wealthy but humble about it. He has a playful side, but usually takes life very serious like I do with a lot of ambition. Is very monogamous and serious about marriage but never wants children. Loves to have sex daily, or at least most days a week.

  • - Pale complexion (like me :3)
    - Really dark hair or really light hair
    - Green eyes
    - Northern European
    - Tall
    - Lean and toned
    - Manly man
    No BS about personality ;)

  • I wanted to give my opinion on this, but I found out that I don't have a lot of preferences. I will try it anyway...
    - no real preference for skin colour, maybe slightly tanned
    - anything darker than my hair. I guess brown hair
    - brown eyes
    - south-European looking
    - tall
    - lean and toned with broad shoulders
    - intelligent look in his eyes
    - friendly and cute smile with nice teeth
    - spontaneous with charisma

  • - Light skinned/ caramel skin tone
    - Brown or Black hair (curly would be good)
    - Hazel or brown eyes
    - Mixed like black/white, black/puerto rican, black/white/puerto rican, black/white/Indian
    - At least 5'10
    - Lean but in shape and not too muscular
    - Nice smile and teeth
    - Smells good/good hygiene
    - Good sense of humor/ nice person
    - Into health like me
    - Somewhat conscious like

    *I could go on with this list but this is just the basics.

  • Tall, broad shoulders, full lips , dark eyes , black hair , good teeth , muscular and tan. Short beard, proper posture and carries himself with confidence

  • - Pale or a little bit tan, but I just don't like really dark skin
    - Dark brown to black hair
    - Black eyes
    - Asian or white
    - Tall
    - Skinny
    - In middle, not too manly but not too feminine

  • Anything but my ex