I don't know what to do?

I feel so angry. I have tried so hard to turn my life into something good. I graduated with two bachelors in three years, but am now working at a job I'm unfulfilled it. I can't leave the job until my loans are paid. I was engaged to get married, but the guy left me because he "lost his feelings." I worked the hardest I could to be the best woman I could be, but failed. I had to move back into my parents house, and they have always argued and judged me. I'm so tired of fighting and trying to be happy for once. I did everything I could. I have worked sooooo hard. I didn't party or socialize in college so I could get good grades and graduate with less debt. Even now I put 80% of my paycheck towards my loans. I'm just so tired! I hate where I am in life and I feel trapped. I'm tired of fighting and trying to suceed. I just don't know what to do anymore :(


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  • Oh dear. You haven't had it easy have you? I am guessing that your partner left because you thought things were going ok so you could concentrate on your degrees and then he would be there for you at the end. Unfortunately this rarely works out as the time it takes for this to happen isn't as quick as we think.

    I think that you need to get out and see some of the world. find something to fight for as you seem to have lost an appetite for life. Without the hunger you won't eat so won't succeed in the long run. All work and no play... never ends well hun.

    Get out and make some new friends and see where it leads. being social and taking longer to pay off your loan will be worth it.

    • I'm stuck from doing anything because of the loans I have left. I can't take off and pay them off at the same time :/

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    • Yes but these days it is not as easy. The current financial climate struggles to support a family to allow a stay at home mom. Unless you meet someone extremely well off.

    • I was with a military man. My dad makes decent money. I've only ever dated upper middle-class guys, only because they seemed to be more driven to me. At least the ones I knew.

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  • What did you graduate in?

    • Communications and Writing

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    • Obviously I'm feeling depressed. Do you need glasses? I said I feel like giving up because I'm tired of fighting.

    • Which is why my original response was have your time to vent and release your frustration, but you have to get back to fighting at some point instead of giving up, regardless of your past problems which I pointed out are shared by thousands of people, some even having it worse.

      But you don't really care to hear that huh? You just want some online anonymous reassurance, 'you're so strong and everything's going to be okay'. Well you got it from that lady, and maybe from a future rich husband right.

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