Am I the dumbest person on this site?

So this guy who asked a troll question said I am the dumbest person on this site. Mainly because he's liberal as fuck and I'm a straight white Christian male. I don't believe in equality or evolution or any of these newfangled communist ideas. I think it's all bullshit made up by people who want to destroy us for their own selfish gains and justify their own evil desires. So am I really "the dumbest person on this site" for having opinions that aren't politically correct? Or do liberals just resort to that kind of ad hominem attack when they have no legitimate argument to make? Not that I will argue with them, I just block them anyway.

  • Yes, you are the stupidest user on GAG. Conglaturations!
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  • No, liberals are stupid.
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  • You're stupid but there are more stupider people than you.
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  • I'm stupid.
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  • Dont argue with a liberal. They made their choice already and they obviously didn't make it on logic and fact.


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  • You will not take my title from me creepy.


    • Well I thought you was one of the smartest dudes on here. But I'm stupid so I'm probably wrong.

  • surely you are not the dumbest. don't let em' get to ya.