Girls, what is your response to this myTake (link in description)?

Only one girl has commented on it so far and I actually wrote it for girls to comment on.

What is your response to the myTake?

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  • I can see why you might worry about that stuff but it's untrue/you're seeing it wrong.
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Can anyone actually answer?


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  • Not sure what type of response you were hoping to get - I think in general, it would help if you had asked for a more specific opinion rather than inviting a general response. I'm not totally sure what you're asking of girls here- do you want to know why we think guys are bitter and resentful towards women? Or what we think about what you think about this topic?

    I agree with most of your concerns, but they are not unique to men. I think there are many women out there who are just as bitter and disillusioned by the dating game. Ultimately, I don't think the system or "rules" of dating are to blame, but shitty people of both genders who lack the capacity to realize that their behavior affects other people. Therefore, they turn to ignoring someone they've dated but just didn't feel a spark with, sweet-talking someone into intimate relations and generally acting selfishly and without concern for another person.

    Your take on how lack of social skills and fear of rejection lead to becoming bitter were interesting. I agree that most of the pressure on initiating dating is definitely on men and I can see how that is very stressful. At the same time, it is also extremely frustrating to have to wait to be asked because no matter how many times the opposite is proclaimed by guys, they do not actually enjoy being asked out even if they like the girl because then they do not feel that they "won" her or whatever.

    I think it's just difficult to find a decent person that you like and that likes you... perhaps it wasn't all that different in the past, but based on what my parents say when I ask them about how dating worked in their youth (60s&70s), then it sounds like people treated each other with a lot more respect generally. Maybe they just got lucky, I don't know. But there's something especially about online dating or dating on facebook/skype that makes it easy to ignore another person without even thinking about it.

    Dating is tough and it's easy to become bitter and resentful towards the opposite sex... personally I find that it really helps to think of people of your own gender that usually act like total jerks in romantic situations, helps put things back into perspective. Great and shitty people were made both male and female :D


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  • I see your concerns, but it's not true for all women.

    I want chivalry. I appreciate when a door is held for me. I also think that if I ask a guy out and plan the date, then I should pay for the date.

    I'm divorced (no kids, just didn't happen). But when I left, I took far less than half of what we had. I wasn't out to ruin him, I just didn't want to be abused any more. He was into porn, and it was one of the reasons we had problems. He was insistent on trying things he saw, things that I was/am not comfortable with, but he wouldn't take no as an answer.

    • I understand what you're saying. I know that women have issues too and that there are too many guys that are abusive. I think I was just voicing my concerns that are making me cynical about relationships. I came here to get women's pov on things but it's just turning me more misogynistic.

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    • Not at all. You come across as very reasonable, and it's my problem if you don't so you've nothing to apologise for in my opinion. I think most women are reasonable in most cases. It's just that I think people, men and women, are idiots in romantic relationships.

    • You might have a point there.

  • I'll come back and read it later today.

    • Thanks. It is a bit long. lol

  • it makes no sense.