Do young people hate the internet?

i mean, i am old enough to remember a world where very few people had a PC, the internet wasn't really a thing and mobile phone was a brick and only successful adults had them, and when I was a kid the only way to socialize with someone was either the phone, meet in person, or low and behold... writing a letter!

so there are somethings that I miss about those days, such as when friendships and human interaction actually EXISTED and was REAL, it was all very analog and absolute not digital or virtual.
Socializing actually meant socializing and not pressing some keys on your touchscreen smartphones.
Memories were actual memories stored in your head, and not a selfie on instagram.
So you can see how I hate how the internet has robbed that away.

And I am just curious if younger people who doesn't know what ICQ and 56k means, who have never used a typewriter or written a letter to a friend, have any sort dislike or distaste towards the internet/smartphone/social media, since you never knew what the world was like before it?

Like, do you wish you lived in a world without all these technology?


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  • I think that even though technology has provided us with a lot of "perks", it has also left is socially handicapped if i may say it like that. We are lacking the skills to socialize in real life and i find that when i talk to people many of them aren't good at simple things like making eye contact. I personally think that the technology we all have access to today is not really good for us in the long run because of all the social and medical disadvantages. It's sad that we have let phones and such take over our everyday lives. It has given kids and teens access to things that we shouldn't have access to and though it can be a very good outlet, we need to learn how to survive without it. I kind of wisb I wasn't born in a time where technology was this big in our lives because I have found it difficult to resist the temptations of new technology, and have found myself, much to my disappointment, relting on it. Haha so long story short (too late) i do kind of hate the internet

  • The exact opposite. I think young people have a habit of worshiping it way too much.


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  • they gotta vent somehow without showing the true bitch inside them when someone confronts them on their bullshit in person

  • I know my kids don't know what it's like with out it so they really do like using it and can't miss things they never did only we can appreciate the good old days. You sound as if your my age the things you talk about and say

    • LOL, I am 28, but people born around my age, give or take 1 or 2 years, are most likely the last generation ever to know what the world was like before the internet.

    • Yeah I'd say your right at the edge😊 I remember AOL started in 1995 and I have had the same screen name for email since 97

  • I think what you have to do is take the best of both worlds to make your life better.

  • Oh no, sending texts or FB messages is so impersonal. I'll write you a letter instead.

    Lol wut?

    There is nothing stopping you from going out and socialising face to face.