Mild public affection, would you find it alright?

I am the luckiest girl in the world, just turned girlfriend of the guy i have been seeing for a few months. I love his family and friends, and we were at his brothers birthday party the other day, were he and his girlfriend afterwards told us they had a problem with how lovey-dovey we were. In my eyes, we almost didn't touch or speak to each other, as i were making friends and getting to know the people there i hadn't met before. Sometimes, i would go over to him for a quick kiss, put my hand on his shoulder, or scratch his back for a bit. I really see that as very mild, and NORMAL behavior when you're lovers. I could understand if we had our tongues down each others throat all the time, but we didn't at all!

What do you think about this? How much public affection is okay? Is it different when you're just out in public, and just with friends? Family?


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  • First, were they just teasing?

    Second, lovey-dovey doesn't only mean physical interaction. New couples tend to sort of gravitate towards one another, sometimes a bit too much. That may be what they mean.

    • No, they made it very clear that they meant it. Said that they had to learn it the hard way as a new couple, and wanted to warn us.

      Well, that can't really be the case on the day of the party. Like i said, we almost didn't speak, and didn't even sit next to each other. :/

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    • Don't worry about it too much. If it comes up again, ask for specifics.

    • Yeah, well... thank you. :(

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  • New couples tend to do a lot more PDAs

  • Mild public affection is perfectly fine. I like slapping a girls my girls ass in public sometimes.

    • So what do you think about my situation? You dont think we were over the line?

    • Not at all especially since you two just hot officially together it's normal to be all over each other and go over the top which you didn't so just saying.

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