If some white American people don't believe in multiculturalism, does that mean they should fly back to Europe by their anti-immigration and?

Anti-Diversity logic? If that's what they truly believe, then they can always leave the United States if they can't tolerate any non-white person (whether they're Native-born American citizens or legal immigrants) living in it.

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  • Lol out of the fire and into the frying pan. Europe has become the greatest brothel of the world when it comes to die-versity.

    • If the majority of Europe hates "die-versity" so much, then why still allow it in the first place? Whatever the Europeans' situation are with Non-whites in their own country aren't my problem, coming from a Non-White American.

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    • Can you Europeans who complain about Non-whites in your country gladly take in all of the dumbass racist whites in my country (United States) who have a problem with Non-White people in a country that was originally never their's in the first place, to your countries?

    • They are always welcome. We our being extinct anyway.

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  • Oh... but Europe is multicultural too.

    So they'll just have to sit their asses where they are and deal with it.

    • That's their own fault for allowing it in the first place. We Non-white Americans would gladly trade in all of the racist white people for all the Non-whites in their countinent so we don't all have to put up with anymore racist bullshit, especially in a country that was originally never theirs in the first place.

    • Exactly, they can't bring all these immigrants into their country for slavery and labour, then complain when there's too many of us. 'White genocide' my ass, ha.

What Guys Said 9

  • This post is just as Racist as the Racists you are trying to insult...

    • I'm not generalizing a whole entire race but SOME of the white people here in my country do hold this illogical belief. I've never heard of any black or other non-white ethnic groups telling white people they should go back to their racial origin coutry.

    • You are angry at some white people saying blacks should go back to africa
      So why is it okay for YOU to say whites should go back to europe?
      You're just as bad as the original racists. Be the better person here, Don't stoop to their level.

  • Multiculturalism? You mean the destructive practice of people staying separated and ghettoized among their own instead of integrating with the culture that adopted them? The "salad bowl" approach, as opposed to the melting pot?

    • That's what I'm saying (about integrating with the culture) Any person of whatever country they are born and raised in should be treated like normal citizens as they are regardless of their racial backgrounds as long as they treat everyone else with respect and not harm anyone's freedoms.

      While I believe in all races of Americans integrating with the culture, I also believe we all have the right to still maintain some of our ancestral origin pride/culture as long as it's nothing Anti-American.

    • And when I mean by some loud mouth White-Americans and their Anti-Multiculturalism remarks, I meant they believe that all countries around the world should be "heteroracial" countries (Whites in Europe, Blacks in Africa, Latin Americans in Latin America and Asians in Asia) and no immigration. They even have the nerve to say that America should be a "White only" country when ironically, this isn't even a European country nor was it ever a White country to begin with.

    • I'm a white American, from a part of the country known for being conservative, and I have never once heard someone advocate a "white only" America. You clearly don't know what you're talking about. The only complaints I hear are about people who move to this country and refuse to learn English. As long as someone isn't, say, performing female genital mutilation or marrying off underage kids, we have no problem with people holding onto the cultural practices of their homeland as long as it isn't causing other people problems.

      Multiculturalism is something entirely different from the melting pot. Multiculturalism advocates the kind of separatism we hear causing so much trouble in Europe. And frankly, I think it's a veneer. Everything on top is rainbow this and diversity that, but underneath there's an underclass of immigrants who are brought in as cheap labor to support an unsustainable social benefits system while being denied opportunity for advancement themselves.

  • HEY!!! We don't want your racist biggots. America was founded by biggots, religious fundamentalists, criminals and nutters. Europe has gotten along quite well since they left thank you very much.

  • I applaud that logic

  • Omg I can't believe you just said that! That is reverse racism!

    • Who the hell cares anyway? Besides, it's not like any of us with all different racial backgrounds will ever bury the hatchet anyway. All we do is bitch about each other's existance in a country or two and then kill each other for it. That's the way the cards have always been played throughout humanity.

  • Can we haz Alaska back then as well?

  • Being against multiculturalism is not being against other races, it is being against preserving or promoting separate cultures in the same nation. It's saying everyone should have the same culture or at least no culture should be specially protected. Multiculturalism is the opposite of the 'melting pot' not racism.

  • What's wrong with being against illegal immigration? I don't get it.

    • I never said anything about illegal immigration. I'm mainly referring to a few loud-mouthed white-american morons on the internet, who believe in hetero-racial countries and that includes kicking the NATIVE-BORN Non-White Americans and LEGAL immigrants out of the US.

    • Oh so it's an irrational question about like 3 people.
      Alright. Carry on.

  • i ain't lettin y'all immigrant terrorists tell me what's what. YEEEEE HAAAAW!!! there's a snake in mah boot cuz life is like a box of chOcolates, y'all ain't nevver know what y'all gonna get, darn tootin'

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