Why does gay marriage have to be called marriage?

my simple and only issue with gay marriage is that they take a word and institution invented by christians and desecrate it by forcing them to have the same name

why can't gay people just call it something different?

marriage is christian made and if the religion says gays should die... why on EARTH! do we have to piss off all of these religous people just so gays can have a name that stands for antigay

and before anyone comes here and says christians didn't invent marriage... just stop i do not mean the coupling of man and woman i mean the name made by the catholics called marriage

the fact that everyone is fine with stepping on the beliefs of a religion i think is very wrong

well nobody here has any argument worth interest so i'll play the devil's advocate myself

now the word marriage does spread throughout time and has changed with time... perhaps simply because the word marriage changes through time makes christians rights to it null and void... because the world adopted it even though they don't believe in christianity... even if it was brought to them by the British who started the spread of the word
but even then i don't know of any place in history gay marriage has been a actual legal action until now (i'd love anyone with some counter info to that) the greeks may have been accepting but as far as i know they did not have marriage or the equivalent word at that time

if marriage or even the other words that mean the same thing have always been the coupling of man and woman why do we go against this idea and not just make up a new thing for gays since it's a new thing after all


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  • You need to read up on the history of marriage. Christians did NOT invent marriage. This has been a practice between humans for thousands and thousands of years, long before Jesus pissed in his straw bassinette. Just Google "history of marriage" and you'll find that nothing was exclusively invented by Christians when joining two people in love - and that went for both hetero and homosexual love.

    • ugh... christians invented the word not the practice as i said

      if you google the history of marriage you will only get the history of long term mates

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    • you know i agree... it was the example of polygamy that did it for me... that's what i'll take away from this

      i mean i could come back with a counter point that the idea of marriage has never been between just one man or woman and could have any number of the two and still go on some of the basic beliefs... or that anyone with beliefs of polygamy are in just as much fault as putting gays into marriage

      but it brings up the point that with things like polygamy the actual idea marriage is and has always been stretched and is not set in stone... even if the bonding of the same sex has never really been in the institution itself the legal binding of two women has always been there with polygamy

      it may not have ever encompassed same sex "normal" marriages before but the idea that it is just one man and one woman is not true... and if you can stretch it one way you can stretch it another with the same errors in "purity" as the other

    • Thanks, I learned some things from discussing this with you also. :)

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  • Because marriage is about 2 people being united. Anyone who believes different is pretty ignorant. Equality people

    • -___-

      go read some of my discussions please before saying something so naive

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    • It totally is the same thing and it is unfortunate that you are too ignorant to see it any differently. Maybe someday you'll grow up. :)

    • no i actually think it's fine now... but again you just saying it's the same thing with literally no discussion or proof didn't help

  • Then why are we supposed to have just a legal marriage without religion involved? Why don't they call it in another way?

    • Very true! Legal ceremonies in the west give couples options to omit any religious reference.

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    • Gays have legal marriages as not religious people, I don't see why should just gays use another name, that really doesn't make sense

    • because CHRISTIANS invented the name

      why should gays call themselves something that was invented in respect that marriage is for a man and woman

  • Gentle reminder that marriage was a thing well before Christianity was.

    • no...

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    • No, it was called marriage. You're just an ignorant and butthurt Christian. Get over yourself.

    • you didn't read MHO... i could sit here and destroy your arguments until you just called me dumb and left but MHO actually gave real argument... so now i am on your side even if you still have no idea what you are talking about

      i think it's fine calling it gay marriage now

      i am also not christian

  • Yes it does...


    • why?

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    • wtf are you arguing woman? i have no idea what you are talking about

    • oh i reread this and finally get what you meant

      still... it isn't the same thing

      sorry for that

  • Because gay marriage is still marriage. It still fits the definition of marriage so why call it something else?

    • because it's something entirely new... the practice of marriage of man and woman has never had the same name as unions between two men or two women

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    • @asker
      My point is that it's not supposed to be deep.

    • my point is it is a lot deeper than you think

      but i actually agree now tho... no real issue with it being called marriage

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  • im pretty sure Christians don't want other human beings that are gay to die. doesn't seem very Christian like.

    • it's in the bible

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    • nah im chillin d00d, this is where I opt out. peace

    • look it up

  • "marriage" is just a name and nothing more... so i guess people shouldn't gt annoyed bout it. if they wanna call it marriage ok fine... who cares? it's just a name as i said

    • the name stands for something

      if it only a name why not call it something different? therefore you wouldn't be desecrating religious beliefs and gays would get the exact same thing

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    • not ALL christians... most of em r not hardcore xtremists who do wotever bible says

    • i never said all

  • I don't care either way - I don't believe in marriage - Call it Civil Partnership if you want as long as they have same rights as hetero couples.

  • Because that's what it is.

    • but calling it that offends the religion of the majority of the world

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    • The comment saying "Righto", as in whatever. You stick with what you're saying, I still with what I said. Now if you excuse me, there's new skins on LOL that I want to check out.

    • not sure what your argument even was to start with but ok...

      you should really go read that discussion with that woman and I tho

  • I don't think it's wrong to step on the beliefs of religion if those beliefs are intolerant.

    • then that makes you intolerant

    • Intolerance of intolerant people? Doesn't that make me a decent human being? But look at me arguing with a person who is against gay marriage because of his religion and thinks he is right for it too. I should know better than trying to beat a dead horse.

    • yes that makes you intolerant... even if you kill a murderer you are still a murderer yourself

      also i am not religious

      also i agree that it is fine to call it gay marriage

      read MHO and edumacate ya self

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