Anyone have any good MA movie recommendations (list of seen movies inside)?

I'm one of those losers who watch Asians fly around a screen screaming 'WAAAAAAAAAAH' and then get inspired and try it myself but end up breaking my coffee table and spilling my pop and popcorn everywhere so then I have to shower and I already showered that day so I need a bunch of movies to watch.

I've already seen:

Ip Man
Ong Bak (proper HATED it)
Ong Bak 2
Enter the Dragon
Way of the Dragon
Drunken Master
The Raid
The Last Samurai (counting it; deal with it)
13 Assassins


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  • Dude.. Tom Yum Goong. You won't be able to move a muscle while watching it


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  • i dont watch the WAAAAAAAAh movies...

    • If we're going to be Bestfrands you have to watch WAAAAAAAAAH movies with me and challenge me to martial arts fights, otherwise give me that wristband that I made back.

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    • Then we shall watch the 6 ones that you haven't watched and then tape pillows to our bodies and have an epic kung fu battle afterwards (I'll just move the coffee table so we don't get pop on ourselves because there is no way I'm showering 5 times in one day).

    • LOL.. yeah...

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