Do you think just because a man chose to be single and alone for the majority of his live, he's most likely to die of misery for loneliness?

I've been told that married men are more likely to be sucessful and live longer than single men, which I think is stupid. I have an uncle who hasn't been in a relationship with a woman for nearly 30 years and he's doing very well physically and emotionally. He's a football coach who still stays in shape for the sake of his players.

I think this whole "married men are more likely to be successful and live longer" is bullshit because it seems to be another gender hate-baiting because it implies that men need women more than women need men to live a good life. It's stupid. I mean it's not to say that I'd never want any intervention or company from women (who I love to spend time with because I WANT to, not because I need to), I just feel like me and my uncle are the only men on this planet who's very happy with their life regardless of being in a relationship with a woman or not.

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  • I think it ONLY applies if he dwelled on his own loneliness, depression, and wallow in despair. Wasting all his time and money on things that are absolutely unhealthy and harmful such as drugs, alcohol, street hookers, gambling all his money away, etc. just to cope and deal with all the despair and unhappiness he is feeling.

    Because that greatly increases the chance of a single guy or even anybody going completely broke and homeless permanently with little to no chance of recovery and increases their chances of dying miserably.


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  • I think those premises you mentioned where in general, a couple in a relationship tend to have companionship, healthier lifestyles, children and grandchildren so are happier and could live longer. Of course there will be exceptions like you and your uncle who are happy single.

  • i don't think he is more likely to die miserable

    but he IS less likely to live longer and be as successful

    • And tell me why is that?

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    • Well. I don't speak for the rest of the single men that society often stereotypes and desperate and needy losers but I'm going the college, I work and do my sports extracurriculars stress free at the moment. Gee, I sure am destined to live such a short life. *sarcasm*

    • that is your opinion think whatever you want... i am supporting facts you are supporting beliefs