Got verbal offer over phone, haven't received papers in mail?

I interviewed last Tuesday for a job at a small CPA firm and got a call last Wednesday that I got the job. They said they would be sending the papers in the mail. Well it's now Tuesday of the following week and I still haven't gotten them.

I had a second interview for a different CPA firm that is my #1 choice and I feel it's favorable they'll give me an offer. However, they have a candidate they have to interview Friday. They know I have another offer. Their hiring manager suggested I ask for some time (a week) until I can give the other CPA firm a yes or no.

So essentially to sum it up:

Have an offer for one job, but haven't received the papers. If a candidate doesn't respond right away, do you call and ask what their decision is? Or do you take that as a decline and move on? Maybe they haven't gotten around to sending the papers out?

I want to keep the first offer as a backup because I have to wait to hear from the second job, but I'm afraid of losing both!

Would anyone suggest to call the first job and see what's going on with the papers? Or should I wait it out?


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  • call the first job.


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