My Sisters think im media influenced/self hating because I like girls that tend to be non-black (im part black)?

I dont seek to date non-black girls but my current girlfriend is white and I can't help that my genitals only react to nonblack girls.

My sisters think im self hating and but it's not true Im just not attracted to them. Im partially black so when im in conversations with my 3 sisters (older) they presume that I believe in the black girl stereotype.

The issue is that my girl wants to see my family but I dont want her to feel unwelcomed. Nobody knows about my relationship because it's fairly new.

When I describe my girlfriend without saying that she is my girlfriend they say "im media influenced" or I dream about white girls but they'll never love me. Basically things to annoy me but why do they do this?

Are there any black guys understanding me. How can it be self hate if im not attracted to black girls? How do I make my sisters understand it's genuine and im not just hungry for white skin hahaha. Or should I even bother.


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  • No, I feel like they're a little bitter and projecting on you. You can't help preferences. Psychologists have found that preferences in attraction form as early as 2 or 3. You like what you like and it doesn't matter. I get shit for liking arab guys because I'm hispanic and white but I don't care. It's not self hate. Self hate would be if you were like "black girls are ugly cause they're black" then it would be self hate. But if you just tend to gravitate more to one side than the other, it's fine.

    No one says people with brown eyes who date people with colored eyes have self hate. It's just s stupid argument to guilt into fitting a mold.


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  • Well you are half white so its normal. Sounds like your sisters are racist and can't deal with the fact your part Caucasian. Barack Obama has the same problem.

  • boy you are crazy black girls are HOT. i just dont see how you can see women like miracle watts, lira galore, karreuche tran, nicki minaj, beyonce, draya, half the cast of love and hip hop atlanta etc and not see that they are gorgeous. im not even black and i have to admit id go gay for them

    • A) those are celebs not regular girls
      B) I mean regular girls on the street its so rare to find a hot ones

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