Who's your most influential historical figure (or just one that you can think of) and what kind of weapon would s/he be?

Any weapon. Any historical figure. For instance, Sun Tzu would be like a magical tome or something. Not very imaginative, but I mean, he did write The Art of War. You can learn from it, cuz it's a book afterall, and you can also use it as an offensive weapon, by beating people on the head.


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  • I'm going to nit pick here, Sun Tzu was in all likely hood a pen name for several generals and warriors so it wouldn't be one person. That said, archemedies, giant satelite solar cannon of death. If you know your history you will know how fitting that is.

    • I did not know, just knew he ruined my life with geometry in 10th grade.
      I looked him up though, it's really fascinating.
      Thanks for such a good reply. :D

      About Sun Tzu, the debate is still in the air as far as I know. I've read some places that they have found evidence he was real and some sources say there's not enough proof. The way I was taught (? I don't know if that's the right word, my mom and dad like to quote him at me along with other weird proverbs) about him led me to believe that it was this one general who was a genius and kept a diary. Just kidding, it's a very nice book. Point is, I'm basing my opinion on the chance that Sun Tzu is a real dude.

    • Very true, and its actually a very good read from a philosohpical view point "the greatest warrior is not the one who defeats his enemy but the one who makes his enemy an ally" Also the idea of burning the bridges behind you so that your army/you fight harder since you know there is no other choice also has good real world applications. Also I would say said magical tome should set things on fire since he seemed fairly obsessed with burning things, but then who isn't. Also your parents sound kind of awesome, I personally love quotes and proverbs (symbols to for the same reason) because they can take a really complex idea and express it simply and eloquently so that its easier to remember and learn from.

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