Randomness... ok so what celeb would u sing, dance and/or act with?

I would love to sing with Elmo (lmbo i know, i know), be in a music video with Beyonce, Jay Sean and Jay-Z, and act along side Johnny Depp. How about u?


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  • Do they have to be living?
    All time, I'd sing with Frank Zappa or Captain Beefheart (and make a fool of myself, I can't even hold a candle to Zappa, much less Beefheart and his 7.5 octave range), not dance because I don't do that, and act with Sean Connery.
    Current, I'd change singing to Tom Waits and keep the rest the same.

    • Wow :3 No, they didn't have to be living

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    • Exactly 😊

    • Okay, I get it now. Back to the original question, I think it would be kind of compelling to ask why people picked who they picked. I'll go first, I picked Zappa because he is my favorite musician of all time, Beefheart because he is a close second and one of the greatest singers of all time. Then again I'd definitely mess up and he'd throw me down a flight of stairs because that's what he'd do when his band members messed up. So maybe not him after all. Connery is just a badass. Then Waits seems super cool and he has an incredible growl and is my favorite living/active singer. What about you?

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  • beyonce yeah!